Summer Wedding Dress Ideas to Light Up Your Big Day

“Do you take her as a lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do!”

Have you rehearsed it a million times in your head already? And every time, the little butterflies tickle you, right?

It is time for your dream wedding to become a reality. But did you plan it in hot weather? The hot summer days, ugh!

Don’t sweat it out already! About 28% of couples shared their vows in the summer heat of June and August!

A wedding this summer does not have to be unbearable for the couple or the guests!

While the hot temperatures can still be managed with air conditioning, the real challenge is looking extraordinary. The humidity, sweat, and hot temperatures (almost a burning furnace) don’t treat brides, bridesmaids, or guests that well!

But it is a wedding, after all, you must brush off the heat! No matter the season, a look that steals away all the attention can not be compromised.

Do you want to know how to hone a perfect look with Couture wedding dresses this summer?

Choosing the Perfect Style

Before discussing different wedding styles, let us know what they mean.

A wedding style means the look and feel you want on your D-day and how you envision your bridal look. Now, let us discuss some of the most common wedding styles:

Traditional vs Modern Dresses: Finding Your Style

This summer, let fashion be all about what you choose. Traditional wedding dresses should be the top choice for women who may want to keep everything as per customs on their wedding day.

From A-line to ball gown silhouettes, traditional gowns are still quite popular among modern brides. They have passed all the tests of time and are still in the running to be the foremost choice for brides, no matter the era.

However, we agree typical wedding outfits can be monotonous. But worry not; modern styles have your back if you want to go beyond the mainstream dressing.

Excited, are you? If yes, find out some of the modern styles that are not to be missed:

  • Romantic: Summer offers sunshine, lush nature, and leisurely evenings – truly heavenly! And for every dreamy bride who wants it a little extra, this season is perfect for a magical wedding! So, let your attire be the same. Opt for feminine details like lacework, floral details, and flowy chiffon gowns for the season. Take inspiration from Mandy Moore, who chose a feminine shade of pink for celebrating her big day.

    Instagram Post of mandymooremm

    Image Courtesy: Instagram / mandymooremm
    Want to recreate a soft, romantic look this wedding season with this inspiration? Find Terani Couture’s hottest picks in hues that will make a dreamlike wedding a reality! Find not only pink dresses but a variety of shades like pastels and soft metallics now!

  • Edgy: A white wedding dress with classic elegance is not every woman’s go-to choice. You don’t have to force yourself into this traditional look if you don’t want to walk down the aisle like any other bride. For daring women, a non-traditional, edgy style can be the best choice. From color to the design, go all out and shine bright in your true personality. Want to know which celebrity honed a perfect wedding look in a daring black gown? Christine Quinn! The “Selling Sunset” star opted for a hot black gown that looked exactly like the real star she is.

    Post from Instagram of Galia Lahav

    Image Courtesy: Instagram / Galia Lahav

    Loved Christine’s wedding look? Shop a daring look from Terani Couture’s best-selling pieces in this bold hue!

Long vs Short: Find the Length that Suits You Best

Every woman, whether a guest or the bride, has one question: How can summer weddings be more comfortable?

And your answer is—short wedding dresses!

While floor-length gowns are the typical choice for most weddings, if your choice is short length for a wedding, go with your gut!

And, wait for the best part! The short gown collection has endless options for everybody, be it a bride, bridesmaid, or mother of the bride. So whether you want the summer-checked bridal outfit for your “I DO” moment or need a bridesmaid’s formal wedding guest dress, it will be only about comfort this summer!

For instance, a knee-length cocktail dress will be comfortable and unique for a D-day. If you choose it carefully, you might choose the right cocktail dress that fits the levels of a bridal gown.

Not only are short bridal dresses an unconventional choice for weddings, but they are also season-specific. Here is why short dresses are perfect for summer:

  • Short gowns are comfortable for managing the heated weather. And there is no limit to the variety of dresses available in the bridal collection of short gowns. From mini wedding gowns to high-low dresses, there are endless options for you to choose from.

  • Short pieces save you from trouble if you have a destination wedding planned ahead.

    • No more bearing the pain of seeing your wedding dresses getting dirty if you are short!

    • And no limits to the brides or bridesmaids dancing off their hearts because of constricting dresses!

Still hesitant about wearing a short dress? Hear it coming from a real bride (Reddit:u/MrsQuasi)

byu/MrsQuasi from discussion

While you deserve to feel oh-so-pretty in a mini-wedding gown, it is important to keep it modest. Be careful not to opt for an overly revealing dress! You don’t want to be the talk of the town on your big wedding day.

Bonus tip: Do you want to blend the comfort of short wedding dresses with the elegance of dramatic wedding gowns? Pair a short dress with a dramatic, long train! Alternatively, asymmetrical formal gowns for a wedding are a fashion trend you should not miss here!

Excited about short wedding gowns now? If yes, check out Terani Couture’s trending short wedding dresses now!

Finding the Right Fit

Do you remember Lily’s dress (HIMYM) falling off her shoulder just because she lost a few pounds right before her wedding?

Want to save yourself from this wardrobe mishap (a fashion disaster, we call it)?

Here is how you find a summer outfit that perfectly hugs your body (even if no boy is doing it) just the right way:

Understanding Dress Shapes and Your Body

Have you spent more time finding your wedding dress than finding the love of your life? Even if you are not the bride, finding an elegant attire can take so long.

Want a way out of this never-ending struggle? If yes, finding a dress based on your body shape is the game-changer here.

Don’t know what your body shape is? Worry not; we have got your back! Finding your body shape is just a matter of seconds! Click here to find out yours now!

With this, let us find the best dress styles that suit your body shape:

Body Shape Characteristics Best Silhouettes Tips What to Avoid
Hourglass Balanced bust and hips with a well-defined waist. Mermaid, Trumpet, Sheath, A-line Choose clothes that feature your curves.
Avoid cluttering your overall look; keep it sleek.
Say no to details that add volume to your upper body (like ruffles or excess)
Shapeless clothing is a big no!
Triangle (Pear) Wider hips, narrower shoulders, defined waist. A-Line, Ball Gown, Off-the-Shoulder Ensure you balance your narrow shoulder with your hips. Avoid opting for clothes with tight-fitted bottom wear.
Rectangle Balanced bust and hips, little waist definition. A-Line, Ball Gown, Sheath, Empire Waist Focus on your waist (either opt for corset-bodice dresses or add volume to both upper and lower body) Ditch all the shapeless options you find.

Considering Comfort Alongside Style

Brides in trendy and hottest styles look adorable, but do you know what’s better than that? A comfortable bride! And to ensure you are prioritizing comfort over style, here’s a checklist for every woman:

  • Choose an outfit with an ideal fit.

  • Your overall attire shouldn’t miss comfortable footwear.

  • The choice of undergarments is another important consideration. Go with undergarments that render free movement.

  • Choose accessories that don’t make the hot weather uncomfortable for you.

  • Avoid clothes, styles, fabrics, and necklines you are uncomfortable wearing.

Things to look For in a wedding dress

Are you still having trouble finding the perfect attire for the wedding? If yes, here is how you smoothen out the way for you:

Exploring Fabric Options

Summer weddings are fun, but only if sweat and itchy skin does not grab all your attention. This makes picking comfortable, summer-friendly wedding dress material important in wedding shopping.

To stay cool and comfortable in hot weather, opt for breathable fabrics. Also, note that lightweight fabrics are suitable for the hotter weather because they provide better airflow than heavy alternatives like suede.

Some of the best wedding dress choices include chiffon, soft tulle, silk, net, and organza gowns. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, and acrylics.

Indoor vs. Outdoor occasion/events

Among all the preparations you need for a wedding, the most important is following the overall aesthetics you have dreamt for your wedding.

Matching the gown with the overall theme and the venue is one thing everybody misses to check from the wedding checklist. You don’t want to feel out of the world with a dress that doesn’t fit the wedding aesthetics, do you?

For example, flowy A-Line gowns with lightweight materials work best for outdoor wedding venues like gardens or beaches. Additionally, boho-inspired gowns with lacework do wonders for free-spirited beauties.

Wondering what you should wear for an indoor wedding? For indoor celebrations like ballroom or courtroom, you have unlimited options!

For most women, corset-fitted wedding gowns are the first choice. But if corset fits are not your go-to choice, options like ball gowns and sleek or minimal dresses are not to be missed.

Finding the Perfect Neckline

To find the perfect neckline for your wedding gown, you have to consider the following factors:

Facial Shape

One important thing most women miss when finding a perfect neckline is ignoring their facial shape. Start by knowing your face shape, then pick a neckline highlighting your best features. Remember, face length and width are two important factors when finding a neckline that flatters you.

Body Shape

Just like your body shape is crucial in finding a gown that flatters your body shape, it is equally important in finding the perfect neckline for you. Find necklines that complement your natural body features and help you attain the best possible look.


Another important factor to consider is your neck shape. If you have a shorter neck, it is best to choose necklines (like scoop necks, sweetheart necks, squares, and V-necks) that provide an elongated illusion of your neck. On the other hand, women with longer necklines go for necklines that help them appear shorter.

Here is a detailed table that will help you pick the perfect neckline:

Neckline Preferred Face Shape Preferred Body Shape Preferred Neck Shape & Length
Sweetheart Oval, Heart, Square Hourglass, Pear, Athletic Long neck, well-defined collarbone
V-neck Round, Oval, Heart Hourglass, Apple, Pear A short or medium neck can elongate the neck
Scoop Oval, Round, Square Hourglass, Pear, Apple Short or medium neck, not ideal for very long necks
Square Oval, Round Hourglass, Pear, Apple Medium neck, adds width to the shoulders
Halter Oval, Heart Hourglass, Athletic, Pear Long neck, defined shoulders
Boatneck (Bateau) Oval, Long (Rectangular), Heart Hourglass, Pear, Athletic Long neck, can balance broad shoulders
Illusion Oval, Round, Heart Hourglass, Pear, Athletic Medium to long neck adds elegance to various neck shapes
Asymmetrical Oval, Square, Heart Hourglass, Athletic, Pear Medium to long neck, defined shoulders
Plunging Oval, Heart, Round Hourglass, Athletic, Pear Medium to long neck, slender neck

Finding Perfect Back Details

Any wedding dress is incomplete without perfect back details. Want to know how to make it hassle-free? If yes, here is what you have to consider:

Stay close to the latest trends. You should not miss out on what’s hot in 2024’s wedding collection. For instance, some of the most popular beck designs include:

  • Open Back

  • Lace Back

  • Illusion Back

  • Corset Back

  • Low Back with Straps

  • Sheer Back with Embroidery

In addition, stay tuned to what is trendy in terms of embellishments. For example, some best-selling wedding evening gowns feature lacework, beadwork, rhinestone accents, etc.

Inspirations for a Perfect Summer Wedding

Now, let us take a look at Terani’s three hottest dresses from the wedding collection in 2024:

Trumpet Sleeveless Sparkly Rose Silver

Trumpet Sleeveless Sparkly Rose Silver

Perfect for brides who want to go overboard with their look! Find our stunning gown 241E2410 trumpet silhouette, perfect for making all eyes stare at you with astonishment. The catch is that this V-back design is sensual without overly revealing in this perfect wedding reception dress.

A-Line Spaghetti Sleeveless Tea-Length Luffa Dress

A-Line Spaghetti Sleeveless Tea-Length Luffa Dress

Corset backs have stood the tests of time. What makes them so popular in the wedding dress collection is that they provide an attractive silhouette by accentuating the body curves. Find Terani Couture’s 241P2022 dress with a corset back that helps you look gorgeous with A-line silhouettes and luffa fabric.

Trumpet Cap Sleeves Dress

Trumpet Cap Sleeves Dress

A high-neck back is a solution for women who need to keep their wedding traditional but with a hint of glamor. Terani’s 232E1300 is the best pick for you. Shine on a special day with your bridesmaids in a unique gown with a high neck and sheer fabric in a trumpet silhouette.

Accessorizing Your Look

Amy from Big Bang Theory

Even though Amy (from Big Bang Theory) has that bridal charm in both photos, she looks killer on her wedding day, right?

If you haven’t figured it out already, the accessories and makeup do all the magic for every bride and guest at a wedding!

So, for all the magic to happen, let us see how jewelry, accessories, and makeup can be your savior:

Jewelry and Accessories to Complement Your Dress

Chunky and heavy jewelry pieces can sometimes work out, but summer is not the best time to wear them. Keep your jewelry pieces minimal.

While sticking to the traditional color, white, is what every bride will go to. You can add a hint of color to your jewelry pieces. Minimal jewelry pieces with gemstones will do it perfectly.

Some of the best summer neckpieces include pearl necklaces, low-hanging, sleek pendants, diamond necklaces, and necklaces with stones.

Remember that a wedding is not the occasion you should wear low-quality jewelry. Not only will it fade in the heat, but it might also irritate your skin.

Bonus tip: For outdoor weddings, go with buns or braids. Pair your hairdo with minimal hair accessories like hairbands, beaded hair claws, or satin hair ties. Don’t let the summer heat get to your hair!

Sweat-Resistant Makeup Tips for Summer

Humidity, sweat, melting makeup, and sun exposure can ruin your glamor in summer. But for your picture-perfect wedding, here are some makeup tips to make you look flawless:

  • To look perfect in your summer wedding, choosing quality products is key.

  • If you love minimalism, you’re in luck! Minimal makeup is best for the summer season. Avoid heavy makeup products, which can make your makeup look creased or cakey.

  • Don’t skip adding blush to your makeup regimen. For heated days, cream blushes are better than powder blushes. They blend easily, don’t turn ashy, and are more pigmented than powder variants.

  • Summer doesn’t treat oily skin very well. So, if you have oily skin, you must take extra care when choosing your makeup inspirations. The key is to choose the right products in the first place. There are reliable products specially formulated for oily skin to give it a matte finish and oil-free look on your D-day.

  • Primer is an irreplaceable factor in summer makeup, as it helps hold makeup together. Choose a primer that is water-proof and sweat-proof for a summer wedding.

  • While setting spray is a great addition to your makeup routine year-round, it becomes an absolute must-have in the summer.

  • While it is wise to analyze the formulations of your makeup products carefully, lighter layers can be very effective.

  • Waterproof products are a must for eye makeup. Whether you use liner, mascara, or kohl, smudging should be your last concern on your big day!

  • Like waterproof and smudge-free eye makeup products, choose lipsticks that withstand high temperatures and sweat. The best options include matte liquid lipsticks that will require minimal touch-ups.

  • Don’t forget to ask your bridesmaid to keep blotting papers handy. Unlike a handkerchief or a tissue, blotting papers don’t smear your makeup. They’re very efficient in absorbing sweat, excess oil, or even excess shine from makeup products.


As the curtains draw close on our exploration of summer wedding dress ideas, one thing becomes abundantly clear: your dream wedding awaits, radiant and resplendent amidst the season’s warmth.

From envisioning your perfect summer style to navigating the nuances of fabric choices and neckline selections, this guide has been your trusted companion on the journey to your big day.

Whether you choose a traditional gown steeped in history or a modern ensemble that breaks the mold, your dress reflects your unique story—a tale of love, laughter, and happily ever after.

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