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Best Sparkly Dresses
When you don a sparkly dress, you need to be prepared for all the attention it grabs. With every eye on you, it is important to appropriately style your look with the right accessories and complimentary pieces. With all the shimmer in your dress taking the limelight, styling a sparkly sequins dress may prove far more complicated than creating a look with subtle outfits.

But you can still have fun styling your gorgeous sparkly dress. The key here is to make sure you pick low-key accessories, and keep them apposite to the event or location you’re dressed for. These tips can help you pull off the perfect look with sparkly dresses.
Simple Works Best
You need to bear in mind that the sparkle of your dress is the focal point of your look. There is already too much glitz in your attire to overdo it with statement accessories—it’ll only make you look over-dressed. You don’t want that! Avoid similar sparkly shoes and bags, and steer clear from gemstones and rhinestones. Instead, think subtle stud earrings—striking chandeliers wouldn’t work; or skip everything for a single piece of matching cocktail ring. If you’re wearing a sparkly dress with a plunging neckline, a simple pendant on a thin chain is an excellent idea.
Keep it Elegant
Sparkly dresses if not worn right can make you look like a showgirl from Las Vegas. It is important to keep the look classy—or you’ll simply end up looking trashy—that would be a nightmare! Pearls are considered the epitome of elegance when it comes to refining a look. A simple pearl choker can add a sophisticated feel to your look. You need to keep your necklines in mind when picking your necklaces. A strand of rope-length pearls would add elegance to your high-neck sparkly dress. While a princess length pearl necklace will accentuate strapless sparkly dresses more.
Play With Texture
Whether you pick a blue, black, red or green sequin dress, you need to add different textures with it to complete your look. Think alternate textures like suede, velvet, and basic leather for shoes and clutches. This will keep your look from going overboard by balancing the striking contrasts in glittery and understated materials. Play with colors. Make a neutral toned sequin dress pop with a red velvet clutch. Work in interesting cut-outs and patterns to add more dimension to your dress.
A Hint of Casual
The normal perception about sparkly dresses limits them for evening and/or special occasion wear. However, if you learn to work your sparkly dress casually, you can wear it more than you thought when you picked that dress off the rack. A denim or leather jacket with your sequin dress can add immediate casual air to your style. Ballet flats or motorcycle boots can make the dress appear more wearable. Pair it with textured tights to bring in some fun to the attire, or just put on a dark T-shirt over the top portion of your stylish frock for a classy casual look.

No matter where you are, online stores offer exciting ranges of beautiful dresses in the United States, and the rest of the world. You just need to find the perfect sparkly dress for you.

Go ahead and experiment with your style! There’s a lot you can do with your sparkly dresses!