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Best Celebrity Dresses Worldwide

2016 has been and is continuing to be a year full of best celebrity dresses and high voltage award ceremonies in the ever happening world of movies, fashion and music. Be it the coveted ‘Cannes Film Festival’ or the international platform of ‘The Oscars’ and all the others in between, every popular celebrity just killed it on the red carpet with their sparkly dresses.

However there were few of them that failed to impress while others scored high from the fashion critics! Here are the top 5 celebrity dresses that made a mark in 2016.

1.      Brie Larson at the ‘Oscars’

The beautiful Brie Larson looked absolutely stunning in the royal blue Gucci dress, long enough to flow on the red carpet. The sleeveless royal blue dress with straps looked chic yet simple with a stoned embellishment at the waist. Larson’s blue dress looked more appealing to the eyes because of the vibrant pattern of frills flowing with the flair of the gown.

2.      Blake Lively at the ‘Cannes Film Festival’

You can ask anyone about the celeb that nailed it with the selection of dresses on each premiere event of the Cannes Film Festival and the answer will be: Blake Lively! She was an absolute head turner at the event with her half off-shoulder ice blue long flowing gown dress from Versace. Perfectly spread on the red carpet, the dress made Blake Lively look just like the famous Disney character of Elsa from Frozen. Elegant! Isn’t it?

3.      Taylor Swift at the ‘Grammys’

Taylor Swift is the third celebrity on the list whose dress remained in the talks for quite a while. Paparazzi couldn’t resist clicking Taylor Swift’s orange and pink two piece dress at the Grammys in Los Angeles, California. Swift’s hot looking dress by Atelier Versace with a thigh-high slit made her look all the more gorgeous with her new bob cut. The dress fit her perfect size 0 figure quite well, making everyone go gaga over her at the event.

4.      Lady Gaga at the ‘Golden Globes’

The red carpet of the Golden Globes was rocked by none other than the singing sensation, Lady Gaga. Everyone was awe struck with Lady Gaga’s extra long velvet gown at the Golden globes in Beverly Hills. With a deep V-neck and a little off shoulder, the dark black dress looked absolutely marvelous. Lady Gaga mesmerized the critics with her classy dress resembling Hollywood movie stars from the 20s.

5.      Emma Watson at the ‘Met Gala’

Last on the list of the most popular celebrity dresses of 2016 is the little Hermione from Harry Potter, who is not little any more. Emma Watson’s black and cream two-piece dress at the Met Gala in New York City totally stole the show. This black dress combined perfectly with pants and a long train skirt made Watson look cute yet sexy at the same time. Although the celebrities were dressed according to the futuristic set up of the event but Emma went a step further and stunned the fashion police by wearing a dress that would be remembered till someone surpasses her at the same event next year.

These were the 5 gorgeous celebrity dresses that made all celebs look no less than sexy divas, turning the red carpet into a fashion street runway!