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Best Short Dresses
No matter what the special occasion is… night on the town, that special date, the party of all parties and any special evening in between…TERANI is there to help you turn heads and steal the spotlight with our new collection of Cocktail dresses. From formal wear to semi-formal, TERANI Cocktail dresses are the stunning finishing detail for any special night. Our collection of short cocktail dresses is comprised of the finest silks, satins, and polyesters, detailed with floral patterns, beading, and sequins are sure to make your evening illuminate. TERANI short cocktails are also ideal for Prom, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, or any other birthday for a princess. Our selections of short dresses are one of a kind. We use designs that consist of a series of details to produce that elegant look. Our Cocktail collection is not only known for its looks, but also comfort. We make sure that all of our styles really suit the body with comfort while also making that bold look. Not to mention that we also carry all sizes, including plus sizes to ensure comfort while looking exquisite!  Whether it’s a formal or semi-formal event, our short dress will be sure to make jaws drop.

Are you someone with a dress size 12, 13, 14 or 15 and above? Do you feel dressing up with a plus size body type is difficult? We totally understand! Getting dressed up, and looking sexy and stylish at the same time becomes a little difficult when you are on the heavier side. But that does not mean that sexy short dresses aren’t for you!

It’s not like plus size women are just not made for the short dresses; the only thing they need to figure out is what style, cuts and colors of short dresses suits on them and they are ready to nail the short dress look!

Your dreams of wearing gorgeous short dresses can definitely come true by just following few simple tips and tricks to find out what will look good on you.
1.      Don’t go for something too tight
Now before moving on, let us clear one thing that by giving a no-go to tight dresses, we do not mean that baggy dresses are the last option left in your destiny. You can definitely opt for fitted clothes that put forward your body in a more graceful way rather than going for something extremely tight. Dresses that are too tight from top to bottom are most likely to show off that extra fat popping out of your dress.

Opt for something that is moderately fitted such as a sexy short dress with sleeves or a backless high neck short dress that fits fairly well on the waistline and then starts flowing towards the bottom. Just remember not to go too tight on the thighs! You don’t have to worry about the choices because there are many dress stores like Dillard’s, Edressme, Lord & Taylor, Missesdressy, and Nordstrom that offers beautiful short dresses for every body type.
2.      Length matters a lot!
People from all over the world—ranging from Middle east, Europe, Argentina, Romania, Russia , and even North America —often assume that sexy short dresses are designed with a fixed-length and cannot go beyond that. Well that’s not exactly the case! Whether it is a knee length dress or something above that, all of them are considered as short dresses until the dress falls down on the ground.

Now coming back to short dresses for plus size body type, length is the factor that cannot be overlooked. Why? Because anything above knee-length will put all the emphasis on your bulky thighs, making you look peculiar rather than sexy. Although knee-length is the most preferable length because that makes your legs look slim but if you still want to go for something shorter than make sure mid-thigh is the minimum length you go for.
3.      Feel free to play with the colors
Yes, colors and styles have a strong impact on one’s personality and their importance cannot be denied, but it is generally assumed that light colors make you look bulky whereas black makes you look thinner.

There are no such rules!

A sky blue short dress can equally look good on plus-size women just as a dark red short dress. You just have to see which color matches your complexion and make you look slimmer. If you think a vanilla short dress looks good on you rather than a dark green short dress, feel free to wear that keeping your body type in mind. However, you have to look for specific colors when you are selecting sexy short dresses for different seasons specially summer and winter.