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Best Reception Dresses
Our reception dresses will look more than beautiful on you. Until recently, saying that you have everything sorted out for your wedding meant the venue, decorations, your wedding dress and cake, invitations, and the food menu for the reception. Well, not anymore! Now there is still one more thing that you are forgetting – the dress for your wedding reception!

Now you might find yourself saying that what’s the need of buying a separate dress for the wedding reception, but as far as the trend setters go, dressing down for the reception is the latest trend these days. And why not? Changing your wedding gown with a cathedral length train for a short and comfortable, yet beautiful reception dress seems reasonable. If you are attending your reception in your wedding gown, chances are that you will be busy taking care of your expensive wedding dress the whole time, rather than enjoying yourself!

So shed all that extra weight and relieve yourself from the burden of carrying that princess wedding dress. Choose a reception dress, a tad on the casual side, to enjoy yourself fully at the reception. You deserve to party too – it’s your wedding after all!
Cut it Loose
Wedding receptions are all about partying, mingling with the guests, enjoying the food and music, and cutting it loose!

Just because you are the bride, does not mean that you have to be glued to a seat and not move about. First and foremost, change into a reception dress. You will be thanking us later.

Changing into a shorter and comparatively casual reception dress will leave you relaxed and at ease. You will get to chat, toast and drink champagne without thinking about soiling your wedding dress.
Get the Perfect Reception Dress
Now that you have decided to buy a reception dress (finally!), you need to know what kind of dress to shop for. The most important thing to remember is the color of your dress. White is the color reserved for brides in many countries; Canada, United States, Ireland and Romania to name a few. So it just goes without saying that you should buy a white reception dress. Anyone looking for the bride would be able to spot you easily as you will be the only girl dressed in white.

But if you are one to shun traditions, embrace your rebellious side by buying gorgeous reception dresses that are red, blue, green, gold, silver, pink or purple in color.
The Uber Chic Look
Get an uber chic look by buying an exquisite reception dress which is different in style than your wedding gown. If you have a sweetheart neckline in your wedding dress, get a reception dress with sheer neckline, or you may go for halter, scoop or V necklines as well. If your wedding dress was sleeveless or strapless, go for reception dresses with sleeves (whatever suits you best; cap, short, three quarter or full). Choose the fabric from lace, chiffon, tulle, satin or georgette. For the length, our verdict is to go for a short reception dress, just below the knee.

Lastly, accessorize accordingly; you have to remember that you are still the bride even if you have changed into another dress for your reception.

So whether you live in Ohio, Toledo, Los Angeles, Chicago, Newark, or Charlotte, you can shop for the best reception dresses at Lord & Taylor, Missesdressy, Overstock, Saks Fifth Avenue, Edressme and Nordstrom. If you get lucky, you might even get generous discounts!