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Best White Formal Dresses
You can never have enough of white in a wardrobe, nor is it ever too much for any gathering. As a result, white qualifies smoothly for formal events at any time of the year. White formal dresses, whether long or short, in whichever style, speak about grace and allure. But it is royalty thattoo (why else would brides wear it on their fairytale wedding?) by pairing them with the most suitable accessories.

Here are a few tips on how to accessorize white formal dresses:

1.     Check with your skin color
You could be headed to Bloomingdales, David’s Bridal, Saks Fifth Avenue or Dillards for your pick of a gorgeous white formal dress for an evening out at charity gala; however what you might be missing out on would be to check on your skin to pick the best shade for you. While white is a safe choice and works well with almost all colors to be paired with it, the tone of white has to be in cohesion with your skin tone; that is, light and bright white for light skin and vice versa.
2.     The Jacket galore
If you are in the mood for a smoke white short formal dress for your work party or running errands in vanilla long skirt with a cropped top, white is a friendly color to go with many occasions. Be it in the scorching heat of Africa or in the mild weather of Australia, a white dress steals the show in almost all seasons. Pair your long white formal dress with a jacket in a contrasting color such as cobalt, red, mustard etc and make it a perfect evening with your date. For a short white formal dress, you can opt for soft denim jacket thus it won’t make it look like too much effort has been pooled in (semi formal events) and you can always look chic in it. A bright colored blazer can give your white formal dress just the pop of color it needs.

3.     Belting it
Whether you are opting for a sparkly bead or diamante studded belt for a long white formal dress for your prom or a brown color fashioned belt for a party where you have the cushion to dress down a bit; white sparkles at its best with this simple accessory. With short tunic style white formal dresses, a pair of gladiator sandals and matching handbag can be a splendid option. Strappy sandals can work well in metallic shades with a beautiful long white formal dress for a night out.
4.     Makeup; All that Shines
If you are thinking of nudes with a white formal dress, knock your head against the wall for white dresses work best with bold statement lips (preferably in scarlet reds and blossoming pinks) and statement jewelry standing out on the plain base color; white. Also when it comes to accessories shining on your white dress, dark purple detachable collars, a plum handbag and soft brown stilettos can be a thing of beauty with a white backless dress with long short hemline.

Whether you’re a size 6 or 16, carrying a white formal dress could be a lot more fun than the somber affair it appears to be, remember to make it a sparkly affair with the right touch of colors and accessories.