Tips To Pick The Perfect Evening Gowns For Your Body Type

What Body Type Are You?

Are you confused about your body type? Are you looking for a quick guide to determining your figure before shopping for evening gowns?

Well, here is a guide for you.

But before you read, have a look at yourself in the mirror to spot an outline of your body shape. If you are still unsure about your body type, you can use our body type calculator. Below, you will find the most basic body shapes that you might fall into. Have a look:

Pear Body Shape

To determine whether you have a pear shape body or not, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Do you have narrower shoulders than your hips?

2. Is your waistline wider than your bust?

Some examples of real-life pear body shapes can be taken from Celebrities such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Rihanna.


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Apple Body Type

A common way to distinguish apple shape from the rest is the broader shoulders.

Although your figure can generally be well-proportioned, it is not necessarily true that you’ll also have a well-defined waistline.

Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga are curvaceous Hollywood stars. Because of their apple-shaped figure, most of their body weight is around their waist.


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Hourglass Body Shape

Generally, people with this body shape have a defined waistline with both bust and hips in the same proportion.

Fuller bust line, hips and thighs are the primary characteristics of this body type. It is the most desirable body shape for all women.

Nicki Minaj, Kat Dennings, Kate Winslet and Emilia Clarke are real-life celebrities with an hourglass body shape.


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Rectangle Body Type

Do you think your shoulder and hip measurements are the same? Are you not particularly curvy? Then, your body shape is most likely rectangular!

The characteristics of this body type include evenly distributed weight, more athletic in character, and typically have a non-curvaceous top and bottom.

Zendaya, Paris Hilton, Kate Hudson, and Nicole Kidman are some celebrities with a rectangular body type.


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Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If you have a curvaceous bust and wide shoulders that sit on narrow hips and slim legs, you have an inverted triangle body type.

The best way to style your look is to hit the right spot between your torso and your narrow bottom.

Renée Zellweger, Demi Moore, Elizabeth Hurley and Victoria Beckham are some of the well-known celebrities who rock every outfit despite having a heavier bust.


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If you don’t fit in either of the moulds, then worry not!

That’s completely alright, as every body shape and size is different – it is what makes each one of you unique!

Humans are meant to stick to a “one size fits all cookie cutter scenario.”

Best Way To Style Yourself According To Your Body Type

Now that you have to decipher your body type, why not understand the best way to style yourself?


Go for structured tops as they pay attention to your narrow waistline and shoulders.

Pick a statement neckline to draw attention to your best assets, like your waist and back. Some of the most loved neck designs that work well with this figure are the cowl neck, boat necklines, sweetheart necklines and plunging V-neckline.

Also, dramatic bell sleeves are noticed to work perfectly!

You may also choose prints or brighter colors with dark bottoms to divert the attention from your lower body to the top half.

Adding pushup bras or padded ones can help you better accentuate your bust area (pick only if you are comfortable with it).

Choose from fit and flare, trumpet and Mermaid silhouettes if you are looking for a formal evening gown. Besides, A-line attire with an open neckline can also work in your favor!

241E2405 Trumpet Strapless Jacquard Pink Sparkly Column Evening Dress

241E2405 Trumpet Strapless Jacquard Pink Sparkly Column Evening Dress by Terani Couture – a fantastic platform for shopping evening dresses for women.


Before we discuss what to look for, let us first tell you what to avoid!

It is best to avoid silhouettes with structured waistlines, as they focus on accentuating the hip area.

A-line formal dresses are perfect for you as they add volume to your lower body while keeping a balance around your waistline.

If you want to try something new yet vintage, empire designs for you. Empire-style evening gown sits above the waistline, giving you a taller appearance while withdrawing attention from the waistline.

Jennifer Lawrence Radiates Vintage Glamour with Empire Silhouette Gown at the 2024 Oscars Party.


Again, let’s discuss what to avoid – no shapeless or baggy outfits, as they can make you look lumpy.

The best way to stand out with such a body shape is by accentuating your waistline.

To accentuate your busty figure with modesty, choose evening gowns or dresses with a V-neck, boatneck or scoop neck and avoid high-neck tops like turtlenecks.

Accentuate your curves with a form-fitted silhouette or step in style in a fit-and-flare gown. Fitted clothes can also make you seem taller than you already are.

America Ferrera Looked Glorious In Her Barbie Pink Versace Chainmail Dress At The 2024 Oscars Party.


Generally, it is best to draw attention to the arms and defined shoulders of the people with hourglass figures.

Thus, opting for a halter/racerback style or strapless evening gown or dress can help beautifully complement this figure.

Dresses that cinch at the waistline or have belts to define the waist can also work great for them.

Those who want to appear curvier can even try peplum dresses, A-line gowns or ruched evening dresses and project an illusion of wider hips.

Remember, embellished gowns or outfits in horizontal strips can also add to the appearance of body curves.

Natalie Portman Looked Glamorous In A Glittery, Floral Dress


Natalie Portman Looked Glamorous In A Glittery, Floral Dress With Her Hair Slicked Back at the 2024 Golden Globes Award Ceremony.


Very few people have this figure type; if you are one of them, A-line dresses are perfect for you. It adds volume to your lower body and, in simple terms, creates a perfect balance to your figure.

Do not pick an outfit with puff sleeves or wide collars that add more volume to your upper body; this could make you look more bulky from the top.

Make sure always to pick evening gowns or dresses that divert all the attention to your lower body.

Demi Moore In A Sexy Chocolate Brown Cut-Out Dress


Demi Moore In A Sexy Chocolate Brown Cut-Out Dress For The Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party 2024

Find The Right Long Dress

1. Ball Gowns

Ball gowns are perfect for almost every body type; however, we mostly favour them for women with pear-shaped figures.

It diverts attention from the heavy lower body of the pear type and accentuates the bust area.


2. Mermaid Dresses

Mermaid dresses are particularly suitable for women with an Hourglass body type. Their fitted silhouette makes them a perfect match for curvaceous figures.

Off-Shoulder Floral Applique Neckline Mesh Detailing Long Mermaid Dress

3. Empire Waist

These gowns are best for an apple-shaped body. It helps accentuate the neckline while creating an illusion of a body with curves, like a woman with an hourglass figure.

Emerald Long Stretch Mikado Mother Of The Bride Dress

4. Sheath Gown

It is perfect for both Apple and Rectangular figured women as they work well in elongating the figure. Halter necks or strapless gowns help draw attention to the toned arms and defined upper body.

Beaded Long Sleeve Fringe Dress

5. Trumpet Gowns

Trumpet-style gowns are a great option for women with hourglass or rectangular figures. Its fit and flare silhouette complements the broader neckline and accentuates the smaller waistline.

Trumpet Plunging Neck Tulle Lilac Column Evening Dress

6. A-Line Dresses

A great option for all body types. If you don’t like experimenting, blindly pick an A-line dress for all your special occasions.

Off-Shoulder V-Line Satin Evening Dress

Hopefully, now you know what body type you are and what kind of evening gown you are picking to celebrate your special day!

Take inspiration from the celebrities you share your body type with, and Ta-Da, you can look stylish daily!

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