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Best Wedding Reception Dresses
Our Wedding Reception dresses are one of a kind. When you are clueless about what to wear to a wedding, classic is the way to go. While there is a plethora of wedding dresses available at fashion department stores such as Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, David’s Bridal and Bloomington’s, buyers are often left in utter confusion when it comes to dressing up in some unique or quirky manner. Classic is the one theme you can never go wrong with.

Whether it is a day wedding or a night one, an outdoor event or an indoor one, there are a number of classic wedding reception outfits that you can opt from and end up looking your best. It is the safest option, yet the most eye-catching way to dress. Take a look at our beautiful wedding reception dresses below.

Here are some simple and exciting ways you can wear and style your classic wedding reception outfit:
Choose a Simple Silhouette
The first step towards nailing the classic look is to go for a silhouette that’s uncomplicated and lets you focus on other style elements as well. As such, a strapless body conscious wedding reception outfit or a full sleeved fit and flare wedding reception outfit are two of the most befitting options to go for. Not only they follow your own body form and emphasize the natural curves, they are simple cuts which let you play with other design elements like fabric, color, embellishments and accessories. This clearly shows why are wedding reception dresses are one of a kind.

Also, make sure that you go for long wedding reception dress, as classic in terms of weddings is almost always defined by floor sweeping hems. In case it’s an outdoor wedding where there is a lot of moving around involved, you can go for ankle length dresses.
Go For Rich Fabrics
Rather than opting for separate embellishments worked on top of the dress, go for fabrics that have an innate shine and shimmer in them so that there’s no chance that the beauty and flow of the silhouette is disrupted by overt design elements.

For example, rather than going for heavily embellished chiffon or silk outfit, choose French lace or moonlight fabric wedding reception outfit. When we talk about classic, it is the minimalist and basic elements that should be focused on. The best way to stay basic and minimalist is to avoid the use of too bold embellishments. A fabric that is sparkly or formal in its very construction is the most appropriate reflection of the classic look.
Avoid Bright and Bold Colors
As far as colors are concerned, avoid using too quirky, bold or neon colors. Classic is inherently related to either the neutral or the deep side of the color spectrum. As such, the best color for your classic wedding reception outfit would be beige, cream, ivory or grey form the neutral side. Whereas from the deep side, you can choose navy blue, forest green or deep brown.

If you want to inculcate some ‘on-trend- elements as well into your classic attire and make it a unique fashionably classic one, don’t forget to check out the fall/winter and spring/summer 2016/17 wedding outfit trends.

Now that you know what classic entails, it’s time to head to any of the wedding outfit retailers or manufacturers easily found throughout the US, in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, California City, New York and Miami and buy your outfit to attend the next wedding reception you are invited to.

Therefore, if you are looking for gorgeous dresses to wear to a wedding reception, halt right now!

Are you confused about what to wear? You don’t know the color or the right fabric to choose? Then have a look at this set of five rules that will help you in selecting the perfect wedding reception dress:
Rule # 1
NEVER Go White

Okay, so it doesn’t matter whose wedding it is; a friend, a sister or some distant relative. You should avoid white at all costs as white is the color of the bride and you don’t want to offend her by stealing the show. This goes regardless of where you live; England, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Romania or Sao Paulo, this rule is universal.
Rule # 2
Avoid Showing too Much Skin

As most of the bridal gowns are long and don’t show too much skin, you don’t want to stand out against the bride by wearing something too short and showing off your sexy long legs. Dresses for wedding reception that are knee-length or below the knee are perfect to wear for wedding receptions. Go for empire, two-piece, floor length or dresses with slits to look good without outshining the bride. After all, it’s not your day.
Rule # 3
Flaunt only one Feature

Think of one of your best features and flaunt that and that only. A backless dress, deep plunging neckline, or dresses with slits to give a glimpse of your gorgeous long legs will do great! You can choose the styles from off shoulder, asymmetrical, sheer or halter necklines; the possibilities are endless! Visit the stores near you for special discount offers whether you live in New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Denver, Colorado or Long Beach to shop for short or long dresses for wedding receptions.
Rule # 4
Choose Colors Wisely

It goes without saying that the color that you choose for the wedding reception dress has to do the most with your overall look. You need to pick a color and fabric that goes well with your body type and complements your skin tone. You can choose from red, black, purple, blue or orange dresses and select a fabric from chiffon, tulle, georgette, lace or satin. Just make sure you choose shoes accordingly, whether stilettos, wedges or strappy heels, they must go with the dress for wedding reception.
Rule # 5
When in Doubt, Dress Up

Dressing up rather than down is most favorable when you are in doubt about the dress code of the wedding. And if you carry it with confidence, no one is going to point fingers in your direction. Accessorize according to your dress and choose from various necklaces, bracelets and earrings to wear to the wedding reception. If you are wearing an embellished dress, avoid anything too shimmery around your neck or wrists. Go for intricate gold or silver chains or bracelets paired with vintage rings to look the perfect guest at the reception!

If you are looking for wedding reception dresses for guests, do check out our store locator page to find the perfect dress according to your body type or size. They have dresses ranging from size 0 to size 24, so you won’t have any trouble in picking the right dress. Our wedding reception dresses are known to make you even more beautiful than you already are!