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From skincare to the perfect accessories, and bridal and reception dress, here's everything you need to prepare for your wedding day.

Wedding days are special; for most people, they’re a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. So naturally, as a bride, you’d want to look and feel your best.

For most brides, the actual wedding day itself can be overwhelming; you’ll be going through all kinds of emotions and anxieties, wondering how it’ll all turn out, and whether everything is how you’ve envisioned. At the same time, you’d have this nagging sense of stepping into a new phase of your life.

The only way to survive is to take care of as much wedding day prep as possible before the big day.

Here are some essentials to put on your list.

Prep Your Skin

Wedding ceremonies are day events, and as a bride, you’d want to glow on your big day, not just from excitement, but literally, as you pose for your sun-kissed shots.

Like most brides, you will want to wear makeup, but as any makeup enthusiast would tell you: the most flawless looks are created on healthy-looking skin. So, ensure you start taking care of your skin weeks before the wedding, if not months.

Meet a dermatologist, find what products will work best for you, and add them to your morning and evening skincare routine. Also, make sure to stay hydrated!

Don’t Do Crash Diets But Eat Healthier

Many brides go on crash diets before their weddings, and while that may work for them, you don’t necessarily need to do the same.

However, we would suggest that you adopt some healthier eating habits and try and work out a little every day. This will help you tone your body and fit better in your wedding dress. Also, when you start eating healthier, you’ll realize that you feel more energetic. This will keep your spirits up and give you the energy to take care of other aspects of wedding day prep.

Don’t Forget To Invest In Seamless Underwear in a Nude Shade

Most brides overlook this extremely critical aspect of their wardrobe; don’t be one of them. Make sure to invest in nude, seamless underwear for your wedding day. This is especially necessary if your dress is form-fitted, short, or made of a lighter material.

From lighting to camera flashes, a lot could put you in an awkward wardrobe malfunction; it’s best to stay prepared.

Prepare Your Perfect Playlist

Another thing you need to prepare is the perfect playlist for the wedding. If you’re hiring a DJ, you can discuss the playlist with them in advance.

Make sure to pick out a song for your walk down the aisle, the father-daughter dance, and your first dance with your new official beau. You can also add other special songs to the playlist or let the DJ figure it out.

Plan Your Hair and Makeup In Advance

While most brides are exclusively focused on finding the perfect dress, they overlook other important parts of their look, i.e., their hair and makeup.

We suggest booking your hair and makeup appointments early if you need professional help and meeting up with the artist and stylist to discuss the look you’re going for. Also, ask them about any prep they want you to do before the wedding day, like washing your hair the night before instead of the same morning.

Additionally, you could get highlights and get your nails done a few days earlier.

A person wearing hair accessories on their wedding

Make Sure To Find All Your Necessary Accessories

Believe it or not, you’ll need more accessories for your wedding than you probably realize. Once you’ve chosen your dress for the day, start looking for accessories that complement it.

You’ll need everything from elegant and comfortable shoes to a purse, jewelry, and hair accessories. Make sure to also look for your something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Pro Tip: Keep spare shoes in case a heel breaks or something horrid takes place.

Pack All the Essentials for the Big Day

Once you have all your accessories, pack them all up for the big day. Many brides get ready at the venue, so you’ll want to pack it all carefully, leaving nothing behind.

Pack your emergency supplies, like essential skincare, extra pins, undergarments, your favorite lipstick, eyelash glue, and so on. Also, don’t forget your reception dress!

Invest In Some Prep Attire to Look Pretty For the Gram

A person getting their hair done

This a fairly new trend, but it’s one bandwagon every bride needs to jump on. Order a customized PJ set, a silk robe, or something else equally pretty that you can wear while getting your hair and makeup done.

You’ll feel like a bride, and you’ll also get to take some gorgeous wedding day prep pictures for social media!

Find Your Dream Bridal Dress and Make Sure It Fits Just Right

A nude-white wedding dress by Terani Couture

Finding the perfect bridal dress is probably the one important thing you can’t skip.

Of course, this is a huge task, and despite having planned your look to the T, you’ll find yourself struggling to choose from the million beautiful wedding gowns.

Don’t be shy to ask for help, and take your maid-of-honor and your mother along to help you decide what looks best on you. Also, leave plenty of time for any alterations—it’ll look best when it fits perfectly!

That being said, know that a bridal dress has your name on it—you’re bound to find it!

Don’t Forget To Pick Out a Dress for the Reception

Oh, this is one final thing you may not have considered. Many brides prefer staying in the same dress for the ceremony and the reception, but we suggest you invest in a pretty and slightly more comfortable dress for the reception.

Wedding gowns are typically all trails and laces and can start feeling like a lot, especially when you want to hit the dance floor. So, pick out a pretty cocktail dress to change into later.

A white cocktail dress by Terani Couture

Not sure where to start the hunt for your bridal dress, let alone the reception dress? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered for your wedding day prep.

Check out our extensive collection of well-designed bridal dresses and evening gowns for women. We also have some white cocktail dresses; that would be perfect for the reception.

Check it all out at Terani Couture.

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