How Can I Look Stylish In Hot Summers Of 2024

The heat is blazing on our heads. Nothing but “It’s too hot” is the conversation starter these days!

Besides dealing with abnormal temperatures and humidity, people might find it difficult to decide what to wear that is both stylish and comfortable.

Sure, it would be easy to decide on what to wear when you are indoors under air-conditioning, but what about when you step outdoors?

Let’s answer that question for you!

Here are a few fashion tips to feel comfortable and fresh instead of sticky or stinky.

Key Tips To Look Stylish Everyday In Summer

There is no right or wrong way to dress for this season if it fulfills the primary goal – looking stylish and staying comfortable. You can accomplish this goal by trying new styles and changing your old outfit choices.

A primary way to stay cool is wearing clothes that reveal a decent amount of skin to keep you comfortable. However, wearing a lot of sunscreen is essential to cover the bare skin and protect it from UV damage.

Keep reading the post to check out more ideal tips for dressing up in style for summer:

Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothes

  • You might already know that tight clothes trap heat against your body and leave no margin for the air to flow through. It results in sweaty skin in no time, ruining your appearance.

  • Thus, the summer season is ideal for putting on loose dresses, light sneakers, and an essential tote bag. Keep the tone of the dress neutral to reflect the sunlight away from the body.

Pick Breathable Fabrics For All Day Comfort

  • There is no denying that natural fibers are the best for maintaining airflow and keeping your body from sweat and rash. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, are excellent at pulling moisture away from the skin.

  • Thus, while you are looking for clothes, make sure to check their fiber content and pick lightweight ones. Heavy fabrics with dense weaving don’t leave any margins for your skin to breathe.

Choose Bright Prints And Muted Tones

  • It is well-known that sunlight reflects off the light colors without penetrating further. The same theory applies to clothing as well.

  • Light colors allow the sun to reflect off your clothes, keeping you cool. And when you put on breathable material in combination with the light color, you’ll stay comfortable no matter what!

  • Wearing dark colors, on the other hand, can absorb heat, making you feel hot. Thus, avoid wearing dark tones and prints even if the material is breathable.

Consider Dresses Over Jeans

  • The very pattern of the dress is made to allow the air to flow through without trapping any heat. Thus, any length, cut, design, and material of the dress is perfect for beating the heat.

  • If you feel hot after sitting for a long time, you can walk for a while to let the air flow through. Once you feel comfortable, you can get back to your work.

Never Be Afraid To Show Off Some Skin

  • This is the time of the year when you can easily wear a little less without any worries.

  • Pick out anything and everything that exposes your skin for summer to help your body cool down naturally.

  • However, it is completely up to you whether you are comfortable showing more or less of your skin. Do whatever feels right for you without compromising your comfort.

Pick Lightweight Shoes Over The Bulky Ones

  • Lightweight footwear reduces the amount of effort you need to talk while walking. In simple terms, the less energy you exert, the cooler your feet stay.

  • Make sure to always pick a pair of shoes that are supportive, breathable, and lightweight to stay comfortable all day long.

Now that you know pretty much everything about dressing comfortably and stylishly, why not explore something else? Keep scrolling through to learn some of the fashion and color trends that celebrities are endorsing this year. Below, we have some celebrity-inspired dress options for you to shop to make a statement on any special occasion.

Women’s Summer 2024 Fashion Trends

Get up to speed on the key summer 2024 fashion trends to shop for:

Mini Skirt

Shortest lengths are in during this Summer. Having mini skirts in your closet this season will help you create versatile looks relaxed to office-friendly, as well as for date nights. A High-rise, A-line skirt is universally accepted as an extremely flattering clothing item. A wrap skirt, on the other hand, can add a slight structural element to basic summer attire.

Pic Courtesy -Instagram/VictoriaJustice

Victoria Justice for Christmas celebration.

Short Shorts

This season’s shorts are no longer in scruffy denim cut-offs. Instead, they come in polished fabrics like satin, leather, and cashmere.

The length preferred for this season is no lower than the top of the thigh. The SS24 collection has a mix of high-waisted and low-slung styles. These are perfect additions to your closet for turning a day outfit into a glam night with just a few tweaks.

Kate Upton is chic in pinstriped Co-ord during a photocall for Canada Goose in LA.

Pic Courtesy – Broadimage/Shutterstock

Kate Upton is chic in pinstriped Co-ord during a photocall for Canada Goose in LA.

Long Maxis

These are perfect for your busy days when you don’t have the time to plan out an entire outfit. It is an effortless and lightweight ensemble.

A go-to outfit for every purpose, from lounging to running errands or weekend shopping with your girlfriends.

You can have these dresses in muted tones or floral prints, whatever matches your vibe!

Angelina Jolie looked stunning as she stepped out in New York City in her cream maxi dress.

Pic Courtesy –

Angelina Jolie looked stunning as she stepped out in New York City in her cream maxi dress.

To look stylish and elegant like Angelina Jolie, you can pick Terani Couture’s 241M2710 A-Line Crepe Back Satin Plunging Neck Evening Dress.


Join The Polo Club

If Mrs Prada says the polo shirt feels right again, who are we to disagree?

These preppy collared T-shirts have taken a fresh appeal for 2024, i.e., polished femininity.

Styling with mini skirts, high-waist pants, or shorts, the primary idea of bringing Polo back is adding a hint of athleisure.

Pair your ensemble with chic and stylish footwear, sunnies, accessories, and handbags to complete your feminine-athleisure look!!

<Taylor Swift wearing a preppy polo shirt and denim shorts


Taylor Swift wearing a preppy polo shirt and denim shorts

Mesh Everywhere

Sheer clothes have continued to make their way from the runway to the red carpet and even in some high-end stores.

For all those who are bold enough, the sheer outfits might be for you.

The mesh or sheer outfit pieces, top or bottom wear, leave a perfect mystery for the spectator while keeping the look fun and flirty.

Try experimenting with the sheer ensembles to bring out your individuality!

Emma Stone Shines in Plunging Custom Louis Vuitton Mesh Gown

Pic Courtesy – Emma Stone GOLDEN GLOBES

Emma Stone Shines in Plunging Custom Louis Vuitton Mesh Gown With Floral Embroidery to Golden Globes 2024.

You can enjoy the red carpet feel with Terani Couture’s 241E2410 Trumpet Sleeveless Sparkly Rose Silver Evening Dress, which is similar to Emma Stone’s attire.

241E2410 Rose Silver Dress

Summer Staple Crochet

Do you want to keep your wardrobe light, breezy, and comfortable all summer? Then, crochet pieces are what you need.

Like any cold food item on a hot day, these ensembles have been on the list of summer staples for decades now.

For a boho chic vibe and to keep yourself cool in these summers, crochet is the answer for you!

Dua Lipa in a mini crochet dress

Pic Courtesy – Harper Bazaar

Dua Lipa looked stunning in a mini crochet dress with Rosettes on vacation.

Fringe Is Everywhere

The 2024 fringe forecast has ultra-fine strands of micro-fringe hemlines or vital elements of outerwear, dresses, and separates.

The fringes would be more refined, causing an exciting contrast in the ensemble.

Sassy, flashy, fringed looks are made to put you in center stage. Thus, there is no doubt why many celebs embrace it for significant events.

Zendaya wearing Boho-styled dress

Pic Courtesy – Harper Bazaar

Zendaya wore this Boho-styled fringe-covered dress for The Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2024.

For all Zendaya lovers, if you want to wear a dress like her for your special occasion, Terani Couture’s Sleeveless Low V Neck Heavy Beaded Fringed Long Dress—1821GL7401 is for you.

1821GL7401 Sleeveless Low V Neck Heavy Beaded Fringed Long Dress

High Rise Trousers

The good news for this summer is the trend of super-high-waisted trousers.

These trousers are tied so high that some even come with an in-built corset to hold them in place.

High-rise property makes them an instant leg-lengthener for petite women.

Styled with the right upper and footwear, it could do wonders for your everyday summer workwear look.

Ariana Greenblatt in Saint Laurent, Chopard high-rise trousers


Ariana Greenblatt in Saint Laurent and Chopard high-rise trousers with a subtle white shirt for the 81st Golden Globe Awards.

Timeless Florals

Floral prints might be considered a total cliche, but this summer season is all about spinning the old trends.

The floral trend can be categorized into different segments – large and abstract, flowers with a traditional twist, embroidered or appliques, and lastly, rosettes.

Choose your pick for this summer spring 2024 season in the soft, subtle tones or the abstract splash of colors.

Jennifer Lopez in a soft pink gown with a rosette design.


Jennifer Lopez graced the red carpet for the Golden Globes 2024 in a soft pink gown with a rosette design.

Are you a fan of the rosette design and want an outfit just like J Lo for a glam evening? Terani Couture’s Lime Hi – 2111P4272, can be the right one for you!

2111P4272 dress

Oversize Is The King

While last year was all over oversized blazers, this year has brought something new to the table.

The trend this year has supersized everything to epic proportions!
From baggy tailored picks to a relaxed approach to formal dresses, SS24 is all about going big.

Think loose-fitting shirts, flowy dresses, and relaxed-fit pants for an effortless, appealing look this season.

Billie Eilish in a unique workwear look

Pic Courtesy – Elle

Billie Eilish redefines red carpet glam with a unique workwear look for Golden Globes 2024.

Everstylish Metallics

Metallics is just a passing trend; it is a philosophy that encapsulates innovation and confidence. This year, again, is the time to embrace this revolution and radiate its glow everywhere you go. Structured metallics are also in this season for the medieval battlefield it brings to the runway.

Taylor Swift in her metallic-tone sequin gown


Taylor Swift looked stunning in her metallic-tone sequin gown for the Golden Globes 2024.

Exude gleaming opulence like Taylor with Terani Couture’s 241P2135 Spaghetti Bodycon Sleeveless Sequins Long Prom Dress.

241p2135 sunflower dress

Ultra Feminine Dresses

Being feminine is not just a trend; it’s an attire that flatters every body type, no matter which era you are in. It is best for all of the girly girls out there!

Julianne Moore in a typical feminine red gown


Julianne Moore in a typical feminine red gown for the Golden Globes 2024.

Bring out your feminine side the right way with our Julianne Moore-inspired embellished bodice sweetheart neckline 231P0012 dress. Explore more options at our extensive collection of stunning prom dresses and find the perfect one for your special night.

231P0012 red dress

Women’s Summer 2024 Color Trends

White Wonder

Keri Russell in Global Awards

Keri Russell/Global Awards 2024


241P2022 A-Line Spaghetti Sleeveless Tea-Length Luffa Prom Dress – A surreal white dress at Terani Couture. Browse through our exquisite collection of white prom dresses and discover the perfect style for your next event.

Subtle Lavender

Brie Larson look from Global Awards 2024

Brie Larson/Global Awards 2024

231p0175 lavender dress

Mikado One Shoulder Prom Dress – 231P0175 – A beautiful dress with light embellishment on the yoke at Terani Couture.

Roses Are Red

Rachel Brosnahan red look from Global Awards

Rachel Brosnahan/Global Awards 2024

2111P4100 Red Prom Dress

Bold & Beautiful Red Prom Dress – 2111P4100 – A striking red dress to captivate attention at Terani Couture.

Blingy Gold

Jennifer Hudson look from Global Awards 2023

Jennifer Hudson/Global Awards 2023

Mirror Embellished Dress With Slit, 2111P4064

Mirror Embellished Dress With Slit – 2111P4064 – A captivating ensemble with mirror embellishments at Terani Couture.

Midnight Blue

J. Smith-Cameron look from Global Awards 2024

J. Smith-Cameron/Global Awards 2024

2021e2839 royal blue dress

Evening, One Shoulder Satin Long, Ruffle Detail – 2021E2839. A comfortable and flattering fit, ideal for various special occasions, available at Terani Couture.

Neutral Pink

Keltie Colleen from Global Awards 2024

Keltie Colleen/Global Awards 2024


241GL2625 Queen Anne Tulle Taupe Rose Sleeveless Evening Dress. A sheer, elegant, and enchanting gown with regal sophistication, curated to make you the center of attraction, available at Terani Couture.

Surreal Orange

Issa Rae from Global Awards 2024

Issa Rae/Global Awards 2024

241P2171 Strapless Mermaid Tulle Long Prom Dress

241P2171 Strapless Mermaid Tulle Long Prom Dress. A perfect blend of simplicity and opulence, designed to exude confidence and allure, is available at Terani Couture.

Zesty Hues

Sandra Hüller look from Global Awards 2024

Sandra Hüller/Global Awards 2024

241P2008 Strapless Column Body Long Prom Dress

241P2008 Strapless Column Body Long Prom Dress. It is a stunning blend of simplicity and sexiness, available only at Terani Couture.

Muted Cream

Camila Morrone look from Global Awards 2024

Camila Morrone/Global Awards 2024

241E2406 Asymmetrical Off-Shoulder Jacquard A-Line Gold Column Evening Dress

241E2406 Asymmetrical Off-Shoulder Jacquard A-Line Gold Column Evening Dress

This dress by Terani Couture is a celebration of style and sophistication.

Silver Lining

Kate Beckinsale look from Global Awards 2024

Kate Beckinsale/Global Awards 2024

241P2071 Plunging Neckline Bodycon Sleeveless Tulle Long Prom Dress

241P2071 Plunging Neckline Bodycon Sleeveless Tulle Long Prom Dress – A sexy and ravishing silver dress with a see-through skirt at Terani Couture.

Women’s Summer 2024 Accessory Trends

No attire, no matter how simple or chic, is complete without accessories. These pieces add a finishing touch to your attire.

Simply put, bags, shoes, and other accessories have a transformative effect, and no one can convince you otherwise!

If you also want some ideas for shopping for wardrobe add-ons this season, have a quick look at our top picks.

Wide Belts

Celebs wearing Wide Belts

The wider the belt, the better.

No matter the waist cinchers, big or small, all are getting attention this season.

Silver Accessories

Celeb image from Golden Awards wearing Silver Accessories

This year is about adding silver accents to your attire, including earrings, necklaces, and rings. If you are not ready or skeptical about this trend, why not mix the metals?

Statement Totes

Women having Tote Bag on her Shoulder

Women are leading a busy life these days, which is the perfect excuse to have a super large tote this year. Nothing is better than a bag that fits all your essentials and is easy to carry everywhere!


Women wearing Sunglasses in Hot Summer

It’s summer, ladies; how can we forget about the sunglasses in our collection? Statement pieces of tinted ones are dominating the trend this year!

Mary Jane’s

Celebs image in collage form

Flat or heeled, these footwear were everywhere in 2023; this year is no different for this category. The pointed-toe iterations are also in the running to take the spotlight.


A Girl Wearing a Red Cap

The obsession with red is never-ending, so how can this year be different? Including red accents in the name of handbags, socks, or footwear is everywhere!

Lightweight Scarves

French-girl style Lightweight Scarf

If you have that French-girl style in you, then why hesitate to put on a printed silk scarf this year? Wrap it around the wrist, ponytail, bun, neck, or even around the handle of the bag to create an effortlessly chic look.

Sun Hats

A girl wearing Sunny Hat

It goes without saying that hats are a must for the summer season. They are not only practical but also a perfect option for creating a Western-inspired vibe.

Now, do you know what could be your pick for bringing out your best self in 2024?

Hopefully, you do!

If you like our summer/spring collection and end up purchasing one, remember to tag us in your post!

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