A mother helping the bride with her dress
From coming up with the guest list, to hopping on the bridal dress hunt, here are all the mother-of-the-bride duties you need to keep in mind.

As parents, we all want to see our daughters walk down the aisle on what is, hopefully, one of the best days of their life. Most mothers like to play an active role in their daughter’s big day and the prep leading up to it, perhaps because it helps them relive their own wedding in some way.

However, many others prefer taking a back seat and letting the bride do everything exactly as they envisioned it. But since you’ve found your way to this blog, we think it’s fair to assume you fall in the former category.

Ready to dive headfirst into all of your exclusive mother-of-the-bride duties? Here are the essentials you can start with.

Announce the Engagement

This is a very traditional duty that you share with the bride’s father. Back in the day, when a couple got engaged, the bride’s family would formally announce the engagement by getting it printed in the local newspapers, society papers, or church newsletters.

Of course, we no longer announce the engagement like this today. We’re living in a digital age, so all you really need to do is post the big news on social media or let your close friends and family know through WhatsApp.

Co-Host the Bridal Shower

Generally, the maid-of-honor’s job is to throw the bridal shower and plan everything to the T. But as the bride’s mother, you will be invited, so you could offer to help. For instance, you could offer to host the party at your house or take care of catering or any other aspect.

However, let the maid-of-honor take the calls here, while you can just be there to support; it’s their occasion to shine!

A person enjoying a bridal shower

Help With the Guest List and Seating Charts

Guest lists and seating charts are just one of the millions of important tasks on the couple’s to-do list, but you can take this off their hands.

Help with the guest list; you can list your side of the family that’s going to be invited and coordinate with the in-laws to ask about their guests. Once you’ve created the first draft of the list, it’ll be much easier for the couple to review it and add the name of people you’ve missed or remove the ones they don’t want at the wedding.

Try and do the same for the seating charts and offer to help with the invitations.

Help Hunt for the Perfect Wedding Gown

A white bridal dress from Terani Couture

Every bride wants to look absolutely gorgeous on their wedding day, and as their mother, you probably want nothing less for them. This is why you should let them know that you’re there to help them find the best wedding gown anyone’s ever seen.

Make the wedding gown hunt a whole experience that you will remember for a long time. You can do this by planning a whole weekend of shopping, scheduling appointments with her favorite designers, making brunch reservations, and celebrating when you find the dress of her dreams!

Also, take lots of pictures of your daughter trying on wedding dresses; show them to your grandchildren someday!

Assist the Bride on Her Quest for Something Old, Something Borrowed

It usually falls on the mothers to let children know about any family traditions and heirlooms that are important for the wedding. From a tiara passed down by a great aunt to a veil that’s been in the family for years, help the bride find her something old and something borrowed.

Also, remind them about any significant religious or cultural traditions that need to be observed at the wedding ceremony.

Be the Official Hostess at the Wedding

As the bride’s mother, you’re the official hostess for the ceremony and the reception after it. Make sure to receive and greet all the guests. This means you must be there before the guests arrive, and stay till after the reception.

Also, take care of any last-minute arrangements and décor crises that come up!

Help the Bride Get Dressed

A mother helping the bride with her dress

While your daughter probably has her entire bridal party and professional to help with her hair and makeup details, as her mother, she’d want you to be there for moral support.

Make sure to step up and help with anything from arranging her bouquet to making sure her dress drapes just the way it’s supposed to.  

Carry a Bride Emergency Kit

In typical mom fashion, you have to be ready for any emergencies. Pack an emergency kit and take it to the wedding venue.

Ideally, your kit should have everything from bobby pins to safety pins, a mini sewing kit, double-sided tape for clothes, painkillers, and anything else you think your daughter might need.

Be Active During the Ceremony

Your daughter will most likely be walking down the aisle with her father, so you have to be there before they arrive. Traditionally, the bride’s mother walks down the aisle with her son, or some other male family relative, right before the bride’s arrival. In a way, this lets everyone know that the bride will be there soon, and the ceremony will start.

Make sure to sit on the left side of the pew, in the first row—your husband will join you there later!

Don’t Forget To Find You Own Perfect Mother Of The Bride Gown!

A mother of the bride dress by Terani Couture

This is the most important part of your mother-of-the-bride duties; you have to find gorgeous mother-of-the-bride gown—something your daughter would be super proud of.

Of course, as elegant as it is, white is out of the question. Choose something else that’s beautiful and elegant but doesn’t take the limelight away from the bride.

Not sure where to find something that’s subtle yet stunning? We’ve got you.

Check out our well-crafted collection at Terani Couture. We have some beautiful mother of the bride gowns; in various colors that you can choose from. We also have plus size mother of the bride dresses if you’re looking for something roomier and gorgeous cocktail dress for women that you can change into for the reception.

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