When it comes to choosing a dress for attending a wedding, you can easily find ones that complement the wedding theme or something that is timeless and has a classy appeal

How to Style as A Weddings Guest

When it comes to choosing a dress for attending a wedding, you can easily find ones that complement the wedding theme or something that is timeless and has a classy appeal

If you are looking for the dresses for attending a wedding, you have come to the right place.  There are certain looks and themes that you can follow regardless of whether the wedding invitation says so or not, because of their timelessness and classic appeal. Vintage is one such theme that you can fearlessly go for, especially if you’re attending a wedding. No other theme offers so much flexibility and openness as vintage. Since it is basically from the classic category of themes, everyone can emulate it in their own unique way.

When it comes to choosing a dress for attending a wedding, you can easily find ones that complement vintage even if they’re not exactly made to reflect the current trends. Given that you style it accordingly, you can give any dress a beautifully vintage appeal. What’s best about such classic themes is how you can find relevant cuts and silhouettes quite easily even at the contemporary fashion departmental stores such as GoDressy, Lord and Taylor, David’s Bridal among others, in any of the cities such as Chicago, New York, Miami, Washington, Savannah, Austin.

As you choose your dress for attending a wedding, go through the following tips pertaining to how you can rock the vintage look at its best:

1. Go for Fit and Flare

As far as silhouettes are concerned, fit and flare is the underlying mantra of any vintage theme. Whether it is the characteristically old vintage dresses or have a modern twist to them, fit and flare is something that you will find consistent throughout. As such, you have the choice to opt for a sleeveless A-Line dress to attend a wedding or a halter-neck flared princess wedding dress as well. The one factor you must ensure is present in the dress is a combination of fitted and loose elements both, which is almost always translated into a fit bodice and flare skirt. Other than this, you have an open choice regarding necklines, sleeves, pleats, or dress length.

2. Look into the Color Palette

Emulating a theme is incomplete without looking into the relevant color palettes. Your job is half done already if you are opting for the right kind of colors that are representative of the theme you are following. In case of vintage, you can go for natural and earthy tones such as deep peach, reddish coral, pastel orange and green dresses for attending weddings. All these shades have the characteristically vintage softness to them and will let you be the picture-perfect reflection of this classic and timeless theme. You can also refer to the fall-winter 2018/2019 vintage wedding color trends as well to have an idea. When you are shopping for the best dresses for attending weddings make sure you stop at Terani.

3. Finish Off with Vintage Hair and Makeup

There would be hardly anyone unaware of the distinctive vintage hair and makeup. Who doesn’t know the classic Audrey Hepburn red lips and winged eyeliner, coupled with beautifully side swept and curled up do? While you don’t have to exactly copy that, there is still much to find inspiration in it.

You can opt for any of the deep lip colors that correspond with your earthy toned dress and come up with your own version of a vintage hairdo based on the old ones. If you have shorter hair, you have the option of a side parting and give heavy curls to your hair so that they reach up to the neck. On the other hand, in case of longer locks, you can side sweep the entire front part of your hair and create a heavy chignon either at the nape or at the crown.

Whichever part of the world you may live in — The Americas, Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia or Alaska— it will have its own interpretation of the vintage look, making it easy for people to follow it accordingly. This inherent flexibility is what makes this theme such a constant hit with fashionistas throughout the world. We have the best dresses for attending weddings in the world.



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