Each year Terani Couture holds a Glam Girl contest and our 2019 Glam Girl winner is Katlynne Grace.

Picture of Katlynne Grace Terani Couture 2019 Glam Girl Winner

Grace entered our 2019 Glam Girl contest because she “couldn’t pass up such an amazing opportunity.” She says that she is a big fan of dresses and would wear them everywhere if she could. She decided to enter the contest in hopes to represent a brand she loves. 

Grace is a Minnesota girl living in Hollywood where she competes in pageants. She recently competed in Miss West Coast. Although she did not win, she did win Miss Sunless Beauty 2019 and will be repping the self tanning company as the face of their company for the next year. Grace claims that she discovered Terani Couture when she began competing in pageants and “fell in love” with every Terani dress she tried on. 

Grace had a submission that stood out to the Terani Couture team and she “fell out of [her] chair” when she discovered she was the winner of the Glam Girl contest. She says she “even danced a little happy dance!” We are so grateful that our winner was as excited to have us as we are to have her. 

Grace chose a stunning silver and nude lace, sequined dress. This stunning dress has belle sleeves for a perfect statement. She styled the dress with tall nude heels to give her a little height and compliment her killer legs! The high neck silhouette is both classy and elegant. Every person has a different sense of style when it comes to finding the perfect dress. She says that finding a dress “you feel most comfortable in” is so important. Saying “yes to the dress” will “show the world your confidence and how your inner beauty shines!”

We couldn’t be happier to have Katlynne Grace as our 2019 Terani Couture Glam Girl! Read Katlynne’s full interview down below.

Picture of Katlynne Grace Terani Couture 2019 Glam Girl Winner

T: How did you first hear about Terani Couture?

K: I heard about Terani Couture when I started to compete again in Pageants. I fell in love with every Terani Dress that I tried on!  

T: What made you decide to enter the Glam Girl Contest?

K: When I saw that you guys were hosting this contest, I just had to Enter! I couldn’t pass up such an amazing opportunity. I love dresses, if I could, I would wear them out everywhere I go! It’s an honor to represent a Brand that I love.

T: How did you feel first hearing you had won the contest?

K: When I heard that I won, I literally fell out of the chair I was sitting in! I even danced a little happy Dance! 

T: What is a message you feel the right dress sends the world?

K: Every person has a different sense when it comes to finding the perfect Dress. But it all comes down to whatever YOU feel most comfortable in. Once you say “yes” to the dress” you’ll show the world your confidence and how your inner beauty Shines!

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