For many teens, prom is one of the most special days of your high school career. It’s meant to be a night full of good food, friends, and fashion! Here are seven things you should do before your 2020 prom. 

Find the perfect dress

Find the perfect dress- First and foremost, find the perfect dress for you. Terani Couture has got hundreds of styles that suit all body shapes, sizes, and skin tones. I recommend finding something you will feel comfortable and confident in + always remember that you ever know until you try it on!

Figure out the flowers

Corsages, boutonnieres, and even flowers in your hair are all things that should be figured out after choosing your dress. Flowers often can change the whole aesthetic of a look. Plus, stunning accents makes all the difference. And remember, you don’t need to have a date to rock a corsage! 

Paint those nails

If you’re not one to regularly get their nails done, prom is the occasion to treat yourself! If gel nails or acrylics aren’t your thing, go for some regular polish that will coordinate well with your dress or even an accent color if you have one! I personally love when your nails and toes match the flowers— it’s a simple yet thoughtful touch.

Wax those brows

I tend to get my eyebrows waxed before a special day such as prom. It’s nice to get them reshaped and cleaned up. Try to get them done at least three days in advance as many people experience redness after getting them done. 

Get your glow on

Prom tends to occur before we’ve spent a lot of time under the sun! Some people like to use tanning lotion, but I know a spray tan is the route a lot of girls end up taking. It’s obviously not necessary but it’s nice to have that temporary sun-kissed glow. I recommend going two days in advance, so your tan has time to settle down. 

Do a trial run!

Often, I’m indecisive when it comes to what sort of eye shadow and lip color I want to wear to a dance. If I can catch a spare moment before the big day, I like to do a trial run of the makeup I may want to wear and the hair I plan on doing. I tend to curl my hair and it’s always nice to practice + try out a few different looks to see what makes you feel your best!

Take tons of pictures

The last thing on my prom checklist has got to be this! I have loved looking back at my mom’s old prom pictures over the years and know that such an exciting day in high school will be one you want to look back on later. Take tons of photos with your family, date, and friends, they are photos you will cherish forever. And be sure to snap a few candids, they will remind you of the good days’ years from now!

With this checklist you’re sure to have the perfect 2020 prom! Make sure you’re doing it in style and checking out some of our beautiful Terani Couture prom dress options.