Punam Patel Walks The Red Carpet

The Emmys are an award show that recognize and reward excellence throughout the television industry. Punam Patel, better known as her role as Kim in Netflix’s hit show “Special” sported an evening dress from Terani Couture as she walked the red carpet.

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Punam Patel has starred in several different television series but is currently a main character in the Netflix series “Special”. The series is meant to highlight the life of a gay man, Ryan, with mild cerebral palsy who is trying to rewrite his identity. Patel plays Kim, the supportive and loving work best friend. Patel’s character navigates through life as the “non-skinny, non-white girl” and shares her challenges with Ryan. The show was nominated for an Emmy at the 2019 award show and although it did not win an award, Punam Patel looked killer in her evening gown.

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Wearing style 1922E0202, Punam Patel showed off her gorgeous figure in one of Terani’s best selling plus size evening gowns. This gown is a long sleeved dress with a high cut leg slit along the left hand side. It’s got a straight cut that hugs Patel’s figure in all the right places. The geometric pattern is oh so trendy and her silver heels and clutch accessorized the look beautifully. Patel went with a bold burgundy lip and some simple silver earrings to complete her red carpet ready look. Not only was this dress simple and elegant but Patel pulled it off with ease at the Emmy awards on Sunday night.

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Thanks to Terani Couture, Patel rocked the runway in her beautiful evening wear. Make sure you’re following @bigpunam on Instagram so you don’t miss more of her Terani Couture styling!


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