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Preparing for prom is equal parts fun and daunting; from picking out the perfect prom dress to making the experience unique; there’s lots to do!

Have you ever noticed how characters in TV shows who are always reminiscing about their proms mostly remember the night because something wild happened? Well, if you accidentally murdered someone and buried the body with your friends on prom—you’d definitely remember that too.

However, thankfully—or rather hopefully—your life doesn’t fall in the mystery-drama genre, which means you have to put in some real effort to make your prom memorable.

Preparing for prom isn’t nearly as simple as it looks, especially for girls. A million tiny details need to be worked out according to the latest prom trends—best get started!

Start with a Mood Board for Your Look

You’re probably overflowing with ideas about what look you want for yourself. From the perfect prom wardrobe to stunning hair-dos, matching shoes, and makeup, there are many choices, but only one prom.

The best way to make it all make sense is to put it all right in front of you on a mood board. You can start by choosing the dress color, moving on to the cut and length you prefer, and adding other accessory details as you go. Once you start working on the mood board, you’ll see how it all starts coming together to create the perfect prom look.

Pro Tip: Hold on to the mood board as a keepsake; maybe your daughter can use it as inspiration someday!

Find the Perfect Dress

Perfect prom Dress

Once you have the mood board ready, it’s time to find the dress that matches your vision on that board. This will not be the simplest of tasks. There are several gorgeous choices out there, and you’ll probably want to buy a closet full of outfits, but again, only one prom, so the task is to find that one perfect dress!

There are many different ways to go about this, even if you don’t have a mood board. For instance, you can simply find a designer you trust and explore their collection to find something that instantly says “YOU.” Or you can go for coordinated dresses with your best friends. Alternatively, you can also check out the most iconic red carpet looks and find inspiration there!

Choose the Right Shoes

Shoes can make or break your prom look, so you’ve got to do these right. Decide what kind of shoes would work well with the dress. Heels are an obvious choice, and while pumps and stilettos look gorgeous, embellished wedge heels or sandals might be more comfortable.

Also, proms can last a while, and if you’re planning to hit the dance floor, you might want to consider taking some sneakers to change into. They’ll be your style statement and ensure you don’t end up with sore feet afterwards.

Make sure to also break into any heels you wear before the event, especially if they’re pumps.

Pack Your Mini Prom-Panic Kit

Prom emergencies aren’t exactly unheard of, so you need to be ready with your mini prom-panic kit—otherwise known as a clutch purse.

For starters, pick a clutch that isn’t too tiny, and make sure to pack the following things in it:

  • Some bobby pins and safety pins
  • Band-Aids
  • Double-sided tape for clothes (for awkward wardrobe malfunctions)
  • Tampons
  • Lipstick

These essentials will help you and any other damsel in distress!

Get Dolled-Up with Your Friends

matching prom dresses

Prom is an entire experience; what happens before and after the prom is also part of that magical experience. One way to make it super memorable is to get dressed with your friends.

There are several ways to go about it. You can book a spa day with the girls and get matching manicures. Afterward, you can all gather at one friend’s house, put on some great music to get you all in the mood, and do each other’s hair and makeup!

Oh, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures of the prom-cess!

Don’t Forget a Pre-Prom Photo-shoot

Obviously, the pictures on your phone aren’t going to be enough. After all that effort, you have to get some professional shots.

So, once you’re ready, find the perfect place and timing, and pose for an outdoor photo shoot for the gram. Take lots of solo photos and glamorous fun poses with your friends!

Go In a Group

People posing with their prom corsages

Speaking of groups, going alone with your beau is very last-decade, and quite frankly, boring. Go as a group instead! This group can be just your girlfriends or their partners (include them in the photo shoot too!)

Book a gorgeous ride—limos are an obvious choice—but you can do something classier, like vintage cars! Make sure to pose with your ride and make lots of cool memories!

Get Down!

Several people with drinks at a party

Are you usually shy at parties? Well, this isn’t the night to be shy. If you want to make memories, get down!

Dance the night away with your friends, and don’t worry about getting judged. Make sure to request your favorite girl power anthems and break that dance floor!

Use Your Polaroid

Do you have a Polaroid? If you don’t have one, we highly suggest you buy or borrow one. Polaroid pictures are incredibly aesthetic, and while everyone’s hogging that photo booth, you’ll be thanking us for suggesting the Polaroid camera.

Make sure to click lots of pictures and keep them safe. You can add them to your box of prom keepsakes later on!

Plan an After-Party

If you haven’t already been invited to a prom after-party, just organize one and invite your best friends.

We’ll be honest; when you’ve been waiting for prom for so long, you wouldn’t want it to end. Make sure to have something planned right after the official party ends, or you’ll have an emotional hangover before the night’s over!

So, are you ready to make memories?

We’re just as excited about your prom and can’t wait to see you all glammed up! But preparing for prom can be overwhelming. So, if you can’t find your perfect prom look yet, we suggest you check out our 2024 prom dresses collection. From long prom dresses to short ones, as well as ball gowns designed with diverse fabrics and details – we’ve got it all!

Discover the collection and order your favorite from a store near you!

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