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Beautiful Sexy Dresses
Have you ever thought that the lower edge of a dress can also be of some importance? Do you know that hemlines have some great potential to actually make or break sexy dresses? Well if not, then this is a must read for you!

A hemline is a line that is formed at the lower edge of an outfit, like a dress, shirt, or coat and is measured from the ground. No matter if it’s about the fashion trends in Australia, Ireland, America, Puerto Rico, British Columbia or Middle East, choosing the right hemline for a dress will make it a sure shot hit. If gone wrong, it can be a complete disaster.

So which hemlines can make your sexy dress no less than a head turner? Let’s find out!

Short length
You must have heard the phrase, ‘If you have got it, flaunt it!’ So yes, if you have got some sultry slim legs to flaunt then going for a black short sexy dress or a golden sexy dress with sleeves is not a bad option at all. But remember that looking sexy and revealing your body in an awkward manner, are two different things. So even if you have that skinny figure where you can easily fit in the dress sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 you should avoid something excessively short.

Here’s a tip: You can measure the hemline of your short sexy dress by putting your arms down at the sides of your waist and if the hemline goes below your palm, then just go for it!
Knee length
If you are someone with a skinny body and thinner legs then sexy dresses with knee length hemline are a safe option for you. But the plus size girls with fat legs or the ones with a shorter height, needs to be a little careful while going for knee length hemlines. If you feel that your legs are shorter and makes you look weirder then a maroon or green knee length dress might not look good on you. In case you want your legs to appear longer then opt for something a few inches above the knee length. Whereas you can always wear a knee length skirt even if you are a plus size, just make sure not to go too tight on the thighs.
Tea length
A tea length hemline is something that falls between the knee length and the floor length. Tea length dresses goes three to four inches beyond the knees and have become a new favorite. Women are now opting for tea length dresses instead of floor length sweeping gowns especially for the late evening parties.

Here’s a tip: You can add more elegance to your over all look by pairing your crimson or burgundy tea length sexy dress with a pair of nude stilettos.
Floor length
Last but not least, sexy floor length dresses have always been a classic favorite among women especially for the formal occasions. Make sure your floor length dress should not look like you have forgotten to visit the tailor to get that excessive train trimmed. So go for something that flows just till the ground or something that leaves a little classy train behind, anything in between is a complete no-no!

You can always try out different options by visiting department stores like Lord & Taylor, MissesDressy, Dillard’s or Nordstrom. As all these stores offers a wide range of sexy dresses with different hemlines.