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From cutouts to lace dresses—these top fashion trends in 2023 will have you looking fabulous throughout the year. Find out more!

When it comes to fashion, the industry aims to maintain a delicate balance between trends and longevity. Designers try their best to create collections that relate to their previous crafts while breaking barriers and pushing their work forward to inspire a whole new fashion season. With the latest debut of designer collections during fashion month, the top fashion trends for 2023 have started to emerge.

As consumers, we often go through a push-and-pull dynamic of constantly changing trends. Do you want to be thrifty or high-end? Do you shop for your future self or the present moment? There’s no right answer when it comes to fashion. This year’s fashion trends are all over the place—from controversial low-rise pants to sheer black evening gowns, it’s all about choosing your own fashion adventure.

Here’s everything you can look forward to in 2023:


Lots of sheer

It often happens that a single trend from a show sparks a wave of similar clothing styles. Fendi’s 2022 collection for Fall/Winter clothing inspired designers to create clothing that shows your undergarments. Most major collections have featured see-through garments this season, and designers such as Tory Burch have even held masterclasses to style sheer clothing through strategic layering.

Sheer clothing is best suited for statement, street-style outfits, or an intimate night indoors, but you can also incorporate it into formal wear. Sheer gowns in jewel tones, lace, sparkles, and florals are all the rage for 2023—sexy is the new classy!

Feeling blue

This season is completely dominated by a cooler color palette—bright blue hues have overtaken the Barbiecore pink trends for the year. This color feels more sophisticated, is perfect for every season, and is perfectly complemented by neutrals such as black and white without looking out of place. This chic color also works great with any skin tone, so you’ll never have to worry about looking washed out!

Tassels all around

Do you remember when every hemline and sleeve was bordered with feathers? Let us introduce you to your new best friend for the season—tassels! Traditional tassel trims are neutral tones, making them an excellent option for a wider range of fashionistas and wardrobe minimalists. A neutral pallet with calming beiges, blacks, and whites, combined with splashes of coral, lime, and electric peach, will help you create the perfect tasseled outfit! Tassels and fringes can look incredible on anything from suede boots to shift dresses—it’s time to start experimenting.

A woman in an emerald green prom dress

Thigh-high splits

The bombshell split that we often see on the red carpet has made its way into the top fashion trends of 2023. From colorful florals and silky slip dresses to glossy midis and flowing maxis, thigh-high splits are the ultimate go-to option for an extra layer of allure. This peekaboo situation can further be complemented by wearing heels and making your legs look endlessly long, beautiful, and toned. The best part about split dresses is that you can customize how high you want the split to go! With a little bit of tailoring, you can go from runway ready to tastefully modern at a moment’s notice.

Animal instincts

Animal print is a timeless classic that finds its way back to us no matter how much criticism it goes through. It’s like the vegemite of the fashion world. If you know the secret to styling animal prints without looking ghastly or overdone, you’ve basically won the fashion game.

The key is to never pair more than one animal print with another and to stick to neutral colors and pieces to frame your animal print to make it the focus of your outfit. Animal print accessories are great for dressing up outfits that would otherwise seem too simple—whether you go for a leopard print or zebra stripes, just make sure that it doesn’t take over your entire look.

Dip-dye, but better

It doesn’t feel like it was too long ago when everyone was rocking tie-dye sweatshirts and pants due to quarantine-inflicted boredom. According to designers, it’s time to move past the burnout from this trend and onto bigger and better things, such as dip-dye! This style consists of the same multicolor pallet as tie-dye, but without the swirls of neon. It has a more subdued ombre effect that gives clothing a unique appearance and whimsical feeling.

A woman in a short pink dress

Short, mini, and micro

Things are heating up this year with the addition of mini dresses to the list of top fashion trends in 2023. From pearl embellishments to chunky belts, there are so many ways to style a mini dress without making it look overdone. Less doesn’t always mean more when it comes to these tiny numbers—have fun playing around with the limited amount of fabric you have and draw attention to your beautiful legs! Mini dresses can look good with almost any type of shoe—whether you go for chunky, knee-high platform boots or dainty, strappy sandals, you’re going to look amazing either way.


Cut-outs are enjoying a major moment this year. Bare it all with some gorgeous geometric designs that show flashes of your skin in the most tasteful, elegant, and sophisticated way possible! Larger proportioned cut-outs are getting more and more popular in one and two-piece outfits. These cut-outs can be placed anywhere around the body—on the belly, across the waist, above the chest, or even to your sides! Just make sure that you’re prepared for the chilly breeze while the weather’s still cold.

A woman in a cut-out dress

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