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With a kaleidoscope of incredible choices, choosing the perfect dress for a special event can be overwhelming. Whether you’re picking a gown for your homecoming, sweet 16, graduation, or prom, it’s important to get acquainted with different dress silhouettes to choose something that complements your body.

In the fashion world, the silhouette is the shape of your clothes as they’re draped across your body. It’s basically the outline of your dress instead of the details on it. Different silhouettes can flatter or emphasize different parts of your body, from evening dresses to gowns. For example, one of the most popular dress silhouettes that work with almost every body type is the A-line silhouette. With a flared skirt and a tight top, you can show off all your curves and give the illusion of a slimmer waist. Other silhouettes, such as empire or shift dresses, take attention away from the waistline.

 Silhouettes are an essential part of a person’s style—you don’t have to live in a fashion capital city or wear branded clothing to make silhouette choices; you just need to find something you like and stick to it! Determine your body’s best features, and choose outfits that emphasize your beauty.

Here’s all you need to know:

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A-line dress silhouette

Stylist and fashion designer, Christian Dior created the A-line silhouette. These silhouettes are some of the most popular ones in the fashion world because of their ability to flatter every body shape and size. An A-line silhouette includes a fitted bodice that flares out around the waist to create a triangular shape, similar to an A. These silhouettes are great for emphasizing your curves and making your hips appear broader. You can find A-line dresses in a wide range of lengths, such as over-the-knee skirts to maxis. Sometimes, you might find an A-line dress with a much wider hem than the shoulders without incorporating a cinched waist, fitted top, or corset-style upper body.

Empire waist silhouette

An empire waist dress is fitted across the bust but flares out right underneath the bustline instead of the waistline. This creates a slimming effect on the body, with the cinch giving the illusion of a higher waistline and longer legs. This elongating silhouette is perfect for shorter, more petite women or women who don’t want their waists to grab any attention.

Shoulder wedge silhouette

This silhouette emphasizes the shoulders with the help of shoulder pads, puff sleeves, or butterfly sleeves. It provides a more masculine width to the wearer’s shoulders, which makes the hips and waist look much slimmer. It’s a lifesaver for people with slouchy figures since it can give a healthier and more square look to your posture. If you have a thicker waist, this silhouette can help you give the illusion of a narrower waistline.

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Mermaid silhouette

Mermaid dress silhouettes are often used in wedding dresses because of their timeless elegance and sophisticated beauty. These dresses are form-fitting throughout most of the structure, then have a dramatic flare around the knees to emphasize the hourglass shape in the lower part of the body, kind of like a mermaid’s tail. These dresses usually include long zippers to help you put the dress on and take it off. It’s also sometimes called the ‘trumpet dress’ because of its unique shape.

The silhouette exaggerates your curve to make a statement. The emphasis on the lower body is great for balancing out broader shoulders!

Shift silhouette

Shift dresses are designed to flow straight down from the shoulders, with minuscule differences along the length of the dress as it moves from the bust to the midsection and hips. Otherwise known as a column dress, this silhouette can pull the attention away from your waist and chest and towards your legs instead. It’s extremely popular for summer dresses since the boxy shape gives your skin plenty of room to feel the breeze in hot weather.

Asymmetrical silhouette

Asymmetrical silhouettes incorporate a diagonal hemline using different fabrics, colors, and cuts. High-fashion clothing can help you make a statement while still looking stylish and beautiful. The asymmetry is great for pulling the eye downwards, so if you have a larger chest or wider shoulders, this dress will flatter your body perfectly.

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Ball gown silhouette

Ball gowns are similar to the classic A-line silhouette since they have a flared skirt with a fitted top. However, the skirt has a more intense flare that gives an almost fairytale silhouette. In A-line dresses, the dress mainly relies on the hips to create the shape of an A, but ball gowns include multiple embellishments which accentuate its shape even further. These embellishments consist of different layers of fabric, such as tulle, or structural pieces such as petticoats, ruffles, hoops, or undergarments.

Sheath dress silhouette

Sheath dresses are extremely form-fitting throughout—from the neckline to the armholes to the hem, everything is meant to emphasize your curves and show off your beautiful body. It’s the perfect choice for women with hourglass or curvy figures who want to show off their bodies. This figure-hugging silhouette usually has slits in the hem to assist with movement. You can also wear a pencil skirt with a blouse to get the same effect!

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