Terani is known for having the best prom ball gown dresses.
Prom often brings to mind fashion, happiness, young love, romance and elegance. But the fundamental question remains and had always remained the same; ‘what to wear for prom?’

While the options are many to choose from, prom ball gown dresses are the most commonly chosen. And apart from the sophisticated and alluring look, elegant looking ball gown prom dresses are favorites for various other reasons:
a)    They are classy
As compared to the cocktail dresses and other various options, long ball gown prom dresses are considered to be elegant and classy while exuding a graceful and smooth gait. Whether you’re attending your prom in the bustling city of New York, the calm sands of Middle East, the dreamy Romania or in the historic knits of Russia, these gorgeous gowns are perfect for formal as well as high profile events, making you feel like a celebrity walking down the coveted red carpet.
b)    There is room for creativity
Be it a cut on the neckline or the slit in a gown, there is a lot of room for creativity in prom ball gown dresses. From the hem of the skirt to the tulle or tussles, the ball gown prom dresses could be designed in a unique fashion according to your liking. The wide space gives room for ruffles as well as a sleek modern look while the details to bodice and sleeves could be matched with every article of clothing differently. Mermaid styles as well as princess themes gowns in terms of colors, contrasts and styles are equally popular all over the world.

For dancing, a slit could be made on the side of skirts to show off your long legs as you dance gracefully on the floor. A short hemline in the front with a longer trailing one at the back could add to the chic look of the gorgeous prom dress.

c)    Showing a bit of skin isn’t a problem
While you may worry about revealing too much in shorter dress, the ball gown prom dresses enable you to fashion them with low necklines and bare backs, all with utmost maturity and grace adding to the elegance of the dress. With shorter dresses though, having deep necks would show too much of skin, but with long flowy ball gowns, it only adds to the poise and finesse of the dress.
d)    It is not conservative
If you are thinking that wearing long ball gown dresses to prom is a conservative act, you are completely mistaken; for it is anything but fashionable, stylish and up to the standards of grace and beauty.

As you tread towards the glittery prom night, you would not regret having made the choice to wear a ball gown dress to one of the most special evenings of your life.