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Lo and behold! You never thought that graduation will be upon you so swiftly – Achievement Unlocked! But here we are fretting over what to wear to the ceremony. Selecting the right grad dress will ensure that you have a cheerful day. Surely you wouldn’t want to deliver your valedictorian speech in a lousy attire – that is why we have come up with the best graduation dresses of 2016 that will make this important milestone a day worth remembering.

Sweetheart Neckline White Grad

Dress in a plunging V-shaped bodice of a lovely strapless white grad dress. White is the popular choice for gorgeous dresses. Look for creative designs such as 3D laced floral adornments on the graduation dress. You will certainly look enchanting and the beautiful grad dress will have a petal like effect as you twirl around in heels. Don’t forget to wear a pearl bracelet for a chic look.

Beautiful Black

A black dress will certainly give you a classier yet studious look. The perennial color is ideal for any formal occasion. With black  dresses, you do not have to fuss much. Even the simplest ones will look elegant. Black dresses carry with them a sophisticated look which is most desirable for this important day in your life.

Fluttering Fit and Flare

The fit and flare dresses go in and out of fashion but vintage apparel is quite in fashion this summer. Therefore, it is one of the most loved choices for a beautiful graduation dress. Look for a chiffon grad dress with embellishments around the neckline. Layers in georgette and chiffon dresses provide the best fluttering look than any other material. The fluttering fit and flare graduation dresses will ensure that your graduation is the best day of your life!

Strapless Floral Printed Cocktail

It’s summer; so yes floral grad dresses are the trending this season. You may go for subtle shaded modern floral printed strapless dress or a more playful and bright floral dress depending upon your personality.

Chic Skittish A-line M Skirt

Have you considered wearing two piece graduation dresses? Graduate in style with a bold colored skirt with frills and a plain lacy blouse. Floral skirts with a sleeveless cut-work top will also look terrific. Horizontal pleats at a distance tend to further enhance the beauty of the grad dresses. Not just this, the wide pleats also give the top more dimension so you can play around with sleeves, halter top and straps for your graduation dress.

Yes, you are wearing a robe, but you still need a spectacular graduation dress underneath! Terani Couture has gorgeous graduation dresses that will make your day. You may look for the perfect graduation outfits by Terani Couture in stores near you like Lord & Taylor, PromGirl, EDressMe, New York Dresses and Nordstrom. Just a last piece of advice – whether you are from Asia, Canada, the United States or Africa, just remember to keep your graduation dresses above the hemline of the robe for outfits popping out of the robe do not look appealing.