Best Long Evening Dresses
Terani is known for having the best long evening dresses in the world. Whether you hit the boutique at Nordstrom, the dresses category at Overstock, or the large number of designer dress category at Dillard’s; you will find that evening dresses are stocked in the highest percentage because of their high demand and the majority of events being held in the evenings. It’s only natural that in the face of such huge variety of dresses, one tends to get so absorbed in the ‘what-to-buy- phase that ‘how-to-wear’ is often ignored.

You might have purchased the prettiest strapless long evening gown or the sexiest chiffon and lace mermaid evening dress, if you don’t wear it the right way; it’s going to have no impact whatsoever. From Ireland to England, From US to Canada, from Russia to Romania, designers and stylists place utmost focus on ‘how to wear’.

Therefore, in this article, we will give you three basic but invaluable rules of donning a long evening gown the right way to make heads turn.
Understand Balance
In long evening dresses, the element of balance can make or break the look. Balance is usually judged upon the proportions of the dress and how it harmonizes design elements between torso and legs. Take, for example, a two piece long evening dress with a separate upper and lower. If the upper is minimal such as strapless or with noodle straps and the lower has a lot going on like a hugely riffled or tailed skirt, the weight will be majorly shifted downwards, thereby disrupting the natural balance. Therefore, it is important that when you go to buy the dress, you take a long look n the mirror when trying it and see if the elements seem to be going off against each other.

Moreover, a dress with an extra wide upper portion and sleek lower part will shift the balance upwards making you look heavier at the torso than you actually are. Sizing also plays a part here. Design elements often look differently balance when you wear a small size evening dress as compared to a medium or a large evening long dress. Exploring with sizes also helps you hit upon the right balance in the same dress.
Don’t overdress
Overdressing or under-dressing has a lot to do with the season as well. For example a spring summer 2016 long evening dress might make you look overdressed with so much as a choker around the neck; but a fall winter evening dress could give you the liberty to include so much as a fur  around the shoulders coupled with ample accessorizing as well. We have the most beautiful long evening dresses across the universe.

You are overdressed when the attire starts to look like an incoherent mess of design elements. Let’s take accessorizing as an example. As a general rule, if you are wearing a heavy necklace with your sleeveless long evening dress, it is better to not wear anything in the ears or the hands. On the contrary, heavy earrings with an asymmetrical  style is sufficient, not requiring anything else around the neck so that the asymmetrical design can be enhanced.

In short, all it takes is a single wrong accessory to make you look overdressed and incoherent with the respective season.

Moreover, colors are also important in this regard. The last nail in the coffin of elegance is more than two colors in a long evening dress. If you have chose to go with orange for example, include no more than burnt orange and tangerine shades.

So now that you have been given a round of the two most important evening dress rules, it’s time to hit any of the departmental stores wherever you may live in the US; be it San Jose, Austin, San Francisco, New York, Seattle or any other city and start the hunt for the right evening long dress. Our long evening dresses are known to make you stand out from the crowd!