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Best White Wedding Reception Dresses
Remember Terani Couture is known for having the best white wedding reception dresses in the world. There are very few colors that have gained the status of being classic, and yet, have remained on-trend and fashionable at the same time – white is one such color. Be it your casual afternoon stroll down the block, your weekly grocery shopping trip or your formal commitments, white is one color that tops the list of all types of clothing categories. When it comes to weddings, white is your key to unlocking the surefire head turner look at any wedding reception you attend.

White reception dresses constitute maximum variety at stores such as Overstock, Missesdressy, David’s Bridal, New York Dress, Bloomingdales and others in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, California City, Georgia and Savannah to name a few.

While you are on the lookout for the best white wedding reception dress out there, make sure that you give equal amount of attention to other factors pertaining to styling it. Whether it is a strapless short white wedding reception dress, a full-sleeve fitted white wedding reception dress or a drop shoulder three quarter white reception dress, styling them the right way plays a major role in determining how they will end up looking.

Go through the following styling tips to follow with your white wedding reception dress;

The star status of your attire is the color white; and absolutely no element of your styling should disrupt or take that away. Keep this in mind while you work on your styling. This is to say that your makeup, accessories, jewelry and shoes should only work to uplift the beauty and impact of white rather than bring it down or steal the limelight.

Use of bright colors with a white wedding reception dress is a huge no-no. The worst thing that you can do with your white reception dress is to accessorize it with overtly bright or bold jewelry so it creates a visually displeasing attire and gives a major blow to the impact of white. As such, you should ideally go for delicate, muted and understated silver accessories that add a little sparkle here and a little shimmer there; nothing more. Doing this will add formal element to your dress while letting it stand on its own.

As far as accessories such as shoes and handbags are concerned, they should also broadly follow the same set of rules we outlined for jewels. When it comes to shoes, you can go for any of the muted tones that complement white and look perfectly coupled with it rather than something gong separately. As such, you can go for muted beige, ivories, and shades of cream. If you are going for some monochrome effect, choose black. In that case, make sure that the rest of the attire is completely white so that it doesn’t lose its impact. For bag to carry with your dress, choose one with understated shine that seems to blend with the dress.

Make sure that you go through the spring-summer 2017 white wedding reception dresses to have an idea of what’s in trend in terms of cuts and fabrics. Terani is known for having the best white wedding reception dresses in the world.