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Prom night is one such event where you simply cannot afford to go wrong with your dressing; bringing out your best is the ultimate goal for anyone. As such, it is important that you dress up in accordance with design elements that complement your body type and help you stand out in your own unique way rather than following what the rest are doing in terms of style and dressing at the prom.

Dressing the right way when you have a petite figure is quite tricky at times; especially when it comes to prom dresses and other formal occasions. Petite is defined by short and thin/slim frame and as such, it is crucial to strike just the right balance in that you have to look formal enough but without the inclusion of too many design elements.

If you happen to live in Canada, you can find the widely famous department store Nordstrom as well in Toronto (opening in September) which has a huge variety of prom dresses fit for varied body types.

Go through the following prom dressing tips for petite girls;
Preferably go for simple silhouettes
It takes just one wrong choice for petite figures to look overdressed or completely hidden somewhere in the whole attire. Therefore, in order to let your natural body type stand out, you should preferably choose simple cuts such as a strapless short prom dress or a sleeveless A-Line prom dress.

Too complicated cuts like feathered dresses or tiered prom dresses will overpower your own natural body form and make you look overdressed.

Among the prom dresses in Toronto, you can choose the ones falling into the lower size brackets such as zero size prom dress to 7-8 size prom dresses as these fit best on petite body forms.

When it comes to color, petite figures should choose lighter colors which have the inherent ability to highlight and make things look wider than they are due to light reflection. Therefore, rather than jet black or deep blue prom dress, you should go for the lighter color palette such as sky blue, powder pink, silver or light coral prom dresses.
Use the ‘Emphasis’ Technique
For petite girls, the best way to bring perspective and form into the prom dress is to put emphasis on a specific part of the dress/body. For example, you can wear a belted waist prom dress, which will emphasize your slim waist and bring shape to the rest of the body. Also, wearing a dress that has certain print or embroidery concentrated on one part is also an effective emphasis technique. Preferably, go for dresses embellished at the shoulders to give an illusion of broadness around them.
Accessorize Minimally
Petite figures have lesser space to experiment with design elements. This implies that wearing thick chokers or huge wrist cuffs is a big no-no since it will look horribly stuffed and crammed. When it comes to accessories, petite girls should preferably go for ones that are minimal and delicate. This could include a long two-three strand necklace that falls down the neckline giving elongation. Moreover, wearing a thin bracelet or your signature wristwatch would be more than enough, in addition to the neck piece. That is why our prom dresses in toronto will make you more beautiful than you already are.

Furthermore, you can go through the fall 2016 and spring 2017 Toronto prom dress trends to have an idea as to what is in vogue and how you may translate and adapt it according to your personal taste. At the end of the day, it is all about being comfortable and wearing what works in cohesion with your natural body type, helping it stand out the best possible way. Our prom dresses in Toronto will make you look so beautiful than you already are!