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Best Plus Size Bridesmaids Dresses

Nobody said buying dresses for your bridesmaids would be easy. But things get even more complicated when you’re looking for plus size bridesmaids dresses. You obviously want your bridesmaids to look gorgeous on your big day. For that, you need to make sure you pick a dress that creates a slimmer silhouette for them – the idea is to make the eyes look up and down, not side to side.

Now how do you make that happen? Cash on the following tips.

The Type of Dress

You will have to head straight to the plus size section of the store to look for the available options. If you have bridesmaids shorter than 5’4” check for the petite plus size bridesmaids dresses
The next thing to keep in mind is the length. For your plus size bridesmaids dresses, look for dresses that end at or above the knee. This is important to create a balance between the upper and lower body, making their form appear tall.
Go for dresses that show skin. We’ve already discussed the short length, now look for outfits that bare shoulders, or boast plunging necklines, and bare arms. Just be careful not to buy something that bares it all – it might appear tacky. Think strapless plus size bridesmaid skater dress.
One of the most important things to ensure is that the dress you choose is a perfect fit for all your bridesmaids. Have them try on the dress well before the wedding day so that they have ample time to get it adjusted for fitting if required.
If you’re not sure which dress style would work best for all of your bridesmaids, stick to a sleeveless bodycon dress in a solid color. Darker shades like black, burgundy, navy blue, and red have a slimming effect on the figure.

The Waist Line

Don’t ignore the waistline. You can do all you want to find a gorgeous plus size dress for your bridesmaids, but if the waistline isn’t flattering their form, it just wouldn’t work.
Normally high waistlines work best for almost all plus size body shapes. However, an empire waistline is more flattering on a pear shaped body.
If you are going for a bridesmaids’ dress with a normal waistline, make sure it has a belt highlighting the waist to make it appear slimmer.

The Advice

Tell your bridesmaids to wear heels. There’s no point to spending hours to find the perfect plus size dress for them if they don’t wear heels to complete a slimmer, taller look.
Have a bra chat with your girls. You need to make sure they wear one that fits properly. This is important to ensure there is no bust unevenness in their silhouette and the plus size dress sits nice and snug to their body frame.

With this thing sorted, we bet you wouldn’t have much trouble finding the perfect plus size bridesmaids’ dress for your girls.