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A flattering neckline can elevate your entire outfit by leaps and bounds. Here are all the different necklines you need to know about!

Apart from dressing according to your body type or finding sunglasses that perfectly fit the shape of your face, necklines play a significant role in determining your overall appearance. A flattering neckline can draw attention to your facial features and balance your proportions. It’s important to figure out your face and body shape before determining the best neckline for your evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

Here’s all you need to know:

Off the shoulder/Bardot neck

The off-the-shoulder or Bardot neck style is iconic, timeless, and eternally romantic. It draws the viewer’s eye toward the shoulders and is perfect for showing off your collarbones while balancing out a thicker midsection by creating an illusion of a smaller waist. If you have a small or medium bust, athletic, petite, pear, or hourglass-shaped body with narrow or slender shoulders, this is the most flattering neckline for you! You might need to wear a strapless bra underneath, so make sure that you find something comfortable.

You can pair this gorgeous two-toned off-the-shoulder gown with a long pendant necklace to lengthen your neck, or statement earrings for some extra pizzazz, especially if you’ve got shorter hair or have tied it up into a bun.

Sweetheart neckline

This neckline is perfect for people with heart-shaped faces since it creates a certain visual balance. It’s also wider than other necklines, which helps balance out wider hips as well. Women with both large and small busts can pull off this neckline spectacularly since it creates curves without overemphasizing them.

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Cowl neck

A cowl neck is distinguished by the fabric that’s draped around the neck. It might be cut to look like a round neck or can plunge low like a V-neck, which can add some extra ‘weight’ to the chest area. The type of fabric and the amount of the drape can make this neckline work for both small and large-busted women. A thicker fabric with a low drape is great for women with small busts, while a thinner fabric with a short drape would flatter women with large busts the best.

If you’ve got a larger face, a tight drape might over-emphasize your facial structure. It’s a particularly flattering neckline for people who don’t have a very defined chin or jaw since the softness of the cowl won’t compete with those features. However, if you have a pear, round, oval, or oblong face shape, you’ll pull it off with no effort.


Strapless necklines are perfect for people who want to broaden their shoulders. These styles fit people with toned and slim arms the best since these features get highlighted by the low, horizontal neckline. You’ll need a good strapless bra with this type of neckline, so it probably won’t be too comfortable if you have a larger chest.

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Halterneck/around the neckline

Halternecks are identified by two straps that sit at the bottom of the neck and go around the neck to create a tie-like effect. Dresses with these necklines expose parts of the collarbones and all of the shoulders, making them perfect for highlighting toned shoulders and arms. It’s a flattering look for women with a curved jawline and a round, oblong, or oval face, and a long neck. It might make your bust look larger, so if you already have a larger bust and don’t want to emphasize it further, it’s best to go for a halter strap instead.

This beautiful emerald green dress features a thick halter neckline that seamlessly blends into a one-shoulder.

One shoulder

A one-shoulder neckline is a type of asymmetric neckline that works extremely well for distracting the viewer from focusing on any facial features that aren’t as symmetrical or have one higher shoulder. This open neckline works great for almost any bust size since the eye automatically focuses on the diagonal line going across the shoulders. However, it might be a bit unappealing for women with larger chests since they would have to wear a strapless bra.

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Halter strap

Halter straps are similar to halter necks, except they don’t have separate straps that go around the neck while covering the chest. Halter straps go directly behind the neck while exposing the cleavage and shoulders. These V necklines are extremely flattering for people with wide shoulders and hips—it all depends on the width of the V. A wider V shape can draw the eye upward to pull attention away from a thicker torso or midsection. A shorter V would work better for people with longer necks, while a deeper V is best for people with shorter necks.

This gorgeous red halter dress is perfect for women who want to show off their cleavage! The cutouts at the sides combined with the wide V further add to the illusion of a slimmer waistline.

Crew neck/high neckline

Crew necks tend to be rather tricky since they’re very high and round in shape. It’s a flattering neckline for people with long necks and curved jawlines that can match the curve of the neckline itself. However, it’s great for emphasizing your bust and making it appear larger. If you want to make your shoulders appear narrower and more feminine, go for this gorgeous dress with a high neckline and sheer detailing!  

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