White is the royal color. The posh of the color family, and the ever-so-classy. It can be worn to almost any event and paired with any color. There is no fear of overdoing white and you can never go wrong with it. Yet there are ways you can play with this color and stun everyone, especially at your prom. White sweet 16 dresses can give a classy, chic and mesmerizing look all together when done the right way. Here is how you can be a stunner in a white sweet 16 dress:
The long dress
Long white sweet 16 dresses are the best choice you can make for your prom look. It looks eccentric due to the length and the charismatic color. You can wear it plainly or have the bodice or hem embellished. The embellishments can add a fairytale look if sprinkled across the whole skirt.
Halter bodice
A halter bodice on any type of white sweet 16 dresses can give a sexy touch to the whole dress. The neckline accentuates the wearer’s collarbones, shoulders and bust; which add up spice to the whole look. If you are a size 15 to size 20 girl, white sweet 16 dresses with a halter bodice will definitely workout for you.
The right accessories
Another significant touch up can be the jewels you wear. Pearls and diamonds are the first choice anyone makes when wearing white, but you can wear other colored jewels to add a pop of color in white sweet 16 dresses like red, blue, green. Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds usually are the classic stones to be worn with white dresses.
Short Dress
If you decide to go all adorable but chic in a white short dress, make sure the style suits your body and personality. You can wear a flattering white tulle sweet 16 short dress or a straight plain one with embellishments on the bodice. Either can give you a dynamic look. So short white sweet 16 dresses can easily be turned into a fantastic ensemble with a little smart play.
Pair it with scarf or stole
White can always be enhanced with a piece of extra clothing. You can either go for a pure white silk scarf to complement your white sweet 16 dress or pull over a patterned, sequined or embellished stole over your shoulders to add a zing. The additional cloth when paired perfectly can magnify the impact of the whole look.

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