Amazing Black And Gold Prom Dresses
Black and Gold undoubtedly tops the list of classic combinations. Whether you are as small as a size 0 or fall anywhere between the larger ones such as 20 to 24, the combination of black and gold is something you can never go wrong with regardless of size. So when it comes to black and gold prom dresses, you should definitely choose this ever green classic color combo and woo everyone on your prom night. Black exudes power and elegance of a celebrity while gold adds the much needed touch of royalty to the attire. A black and gold prom dress will bring both these elements into your attire.

What makes this combination even more wearable is its relevance regardless of the place you live in. Whether it is the fast and sprawling New York City, the relatively laid back Los Angeles, or the never-sleeping Las Vegas; black and gold prom dresses will be found everywhere in abundance.

If you aren’t already convinced as to why this combination should be your choice for your next prom night, which is an extremely important event whether you are in high school or in college, go through the following;
The Safest Combination

It’s true when they say that black and gold is the safest combination; it indeed is. Black and gold prom dresses let you stand out among the crowd while ensuring that you look best even with minimal accessories and makeup. The inherent mystery and sensual element in black is what lets you carry it effortlessly, added with the sparkly touch of gold.

Suits All Body Types

In case of prom dresses, girls often face difficulty choosing the dress that suits their body type and color plays an important role in that. Black and Gold Prom dresses, on the other hand, are such versatile options that suit every body type as if they’re made for them.

So while you may be a bit doubtful about that quirky and overly bright attire, you can shove those doubts aside when it comes to a black and gold prom dress. Be it a short dress or one from the medium, long or extra long varieties, you can choose among them fearlessly.
It’s a Favorite among Celebrities

This is by far the biggest reason why black and gold prom dress should top your list of color choices. Many find it hard to imagine themselves wearing this dress. To overcome the quandary, check out how Naomi Watts rocked a bold one at the People’s Choice Awards with a black floor sweeping skirt and sequined gold backless top. For a relatively modest option, see how Jessica Chastain wore an ankle length black dress with a gold neckline at the National Board of Review Awards.
It Transcends Seasons and Years

Be it the coldest winter, the hottest summer or the moderately enjoyable spring and autumn, black and gold prom dresses never get out of season. That’s the reason why it’s such a classic. It is a rage in 2016 and it will most definitely continue to be in 2017. So head to your nearest Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue or whichever is closest to you and buy your next black and gold prom dress.

Seasons and years are not the only boundaries this classic combination transcends though. Whether you live in countries as different as US, Canada, Australia, UAE or Russia, you will find this combination a favorite everywhere.