Terani Couture is known for having the best sweet 15 dresses in the world!
Celebrations like prom and sweet 15 birthdays are very special and need to be made memorable. One way to do that is though an impactful appearance. It speaks volumes and makes you stand out of the crowd; just like you should on you special day.

Here are 5 styles that will ensure that you are the center of attention on your sweet 15 celebration:
Champagne Tulle Skirt with Bow
Champagne is a very elegant color and perfect for sweet fifteen dresses as it is youthful as well as soft. You can create a unique style of your own using embellishments. We suggest having a lightly embellished bodice with a tulle skirt that is sprinkled with raining diamantes around the waist. You can have a tulle handmade flower mid-skirt with tulle strips softly curving the skirt around. With hair pinned in a low bun and soft curls, it will give a truly mesmerizing look.
White Fairytale
White is a color that never gets old, and you can come up with a million ways to style it. Fairytale styled white sweet fifteen dresses are always a standout. You can play with different fabrics like chiffon, satin, lace and create striking contrasts with many colors as well. You can style sweet fifteen dresses with light blue, aqua, fuchsia, royal blue, red, magenta colored bodice and a white skirt.  You can check out 2016/2017 collections for the latest sweet fifteen dresses in contrasting colors.
Sweetheart Neck
This is the best style for plus sized girls – or anyone who will need to buy sweet fifteen dresses in size 20 to 24. The neckline enhances your bosom and the focus is on making use of the ample figure. So a sweetheart neck with a layered skirt will make for a beautiful sweet fifteen dress. The bodice can be embellished with pearls and crystals to make it more attractive, especially around the neckline.
The Traditional Look
You can also sport a traditional look by following the classic trend of a smartly fit dress with long sleeves. A number of stores sell sweet fifteen dresses on discount and sale prices. You can buy one with laces and frills to grace the dress with a realistic touch of the early 1900s.
Mermaid Tailed Gown
Mermaid tailed sweet fifteen dresses also give a youthful look to you appearance. You can have the tailed style in layers or plainly made; either way, it will be a beautiful style to carry on your special day. If you plan to have a sweet fifteen celebration with a happening event then you can make a grand appearance on a red carpet with the tail of the gown trailing behind as you walk down to the centre spot. Sweet fifteen dresses styled for such events are quite popular in cities like Boston, Texas, Chicago, New York, etc.

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