Terani is known for having the best sweet 16 party dresses in the world.
So are you turning 16 soon and planning a party to celebrate this new phase of your adulthood? Superb! But have you shopped for your sweet 16 party dress? If not then don’t worry, we are here to help you choose the very best!

When it comes to dressing up for a sweet 16 party then short dresses are what come to mind. The best thing about sweet 16 short dresses is that there is a variety available for everyone from a person with an 8, 9 or 10 dress size to someone with a 12, 13 or 14 dress size.

So if you are confused about what to wear to the occasion, we have got a few suggestions to make the dress selection easier for your 2017’s sweet 16 party.

A two piece short dress
The first style we have got for you is a two piece sweet 16 short dress. Two piece dresses, no matter short or long, have always been a favorite of young girls as they look casual and stylish at the same time. But since it’s your sweet 16 celebration, go for something special, such as an embellished two piece short dress! You can opt for a sleeveless upper bodice studded with pearls and beads, with a high neck collar strap. The strap beaded with pearls will circle your neck, making your shoulders look sharp, whereas the bodice can be combined with a plain chiffon skirt flowing till the knees. For the colors you can go for light hues like cream, peach and coral, and even shades of light green and blue will look good. This is why our sweet 16 party dresses are absolutely stunning.
Baby doll dresses are the cutest!
How can we forget baby doll dresses while talking about sweet 16 short dresses? We can’t, of course! A baby doll dress perfectly defines the vibrancy and liveliness of a teenager who has just turned 16. So we suggest going for a strapless sweetheart bodice baby doll dress. You can pick an embellished bodice with pearls and rhinestones flowing down to a puffy skirt with a hemline few inches above the knees. You can also play around with colors in a baby doll dress. How about a royal blue dress with silver beads on it or a white dress with a golden jewel-studded bodice? Your dress will indeed be a head turner; mark our words on this!
Go for a floral dress!
Moving on to another style that you can opt for your sweet 16 bash is something that goes perfectly well with your age – a floral short dress! We know that by hearing floral dresses you must be visualizing a cotton short dress with big colorful floral prints on it, right? But we have something different planned for you! We recommend you to opt for a tulle short dress with a floral applique over it. Keep the hemline till the knees with an A-line silhouette and you can also add some pearls to the neckline if you want it to be more sparkly. While choosing the color, go for something that looks good in contrast like a pink and white sweet 16 dress will be an apt choice for the event. Our sweet 16 party dresses come in many colors and sizes.

You will never fall short on places where you can buy the perfect dress for your big day. There are numerous stores across the USA like PromGirl, New York Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue, Seventeen and others that offer a wide range of sweet 16 short dresses, no matter if you live in Chicago, Tennessee, Baltimore, Orlando, Dallas or any other city of America. Remember we have the best sweet 16 party dresses in the world!