The tradition of sweet sixteen balls was at its finest during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Victorian styled sweet 16 ball gown dresses were traditionally styled with corset and skirt frames, and layers of clothes were used to add the volume. Reviving that style can make you stand out of the crowd on your sweet 16 celebration. Here is why you should consider a dressing style time-lapse, back to the good old days:

It Is Different From the Contemporary Styles
While everyone wears a sweetheart neck or a halter top, you can flaunt a deep, square neckline, accentuating your bosom. The skirt can be designed with hand-knit lace or embroidered satin. There are so many ways you can play with the fabric; have the skirt layered in various fabrics, the bodice plaited, and the hem decorated with lace. The sleeves can either be fit to perfection or the ends can be kept loose. You can also have puffed sleeves in sweet 16 dresses. Many of the 2016 sweet 16 ball gown dresses follow this trend in styling the sleeves and skirts.