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Best Sun Dresses
Summers are here and it is officially the spunky sun dresses season. As the temperatures go up, most of you would be looking forward to push those long sleeves and jeans at the back end of your closet.

It’s that time of the year where skin baring seems to be the perfect idea, and while you plan to update your wardrobe for summer, take a look at these tips to help you wear sun dresses better. We’re starting off with the Don’ts – after all none of us wants a fashion disaster.

The Don’ts

Too many prints are a disaster: We love floral animal prints, but SEPARATELY! Both prints in the same sundress are eyesores.
Too big wouldn’t do: wearing an oversized sun dress may look more like a night gown or tent. It is unflattering, and definitely a fashion “don’t”.
One style too many: A sun dress with extreme color choices, ruffles, ruches, and prints is a complete fashion disaster, stay away from these things.
Pretty in Pink: never dress in pink from head to toe. It may sound tempting but this ‘too girly’ look isn’t winning you any score on the fashion scale.

The Dos
You know what not to do with your sun dresses, here’s what you should do to make a simple sun dress a fantastic style statement:

Look for details: A mini sun dress would look cute, but not as appealing as one with a dropped-waist cut and an off-the-shoulder These details may seem minute, but they contribute to the overall look. Keep a look out for them.
A sexy halter is a must-have: Since we’re talking about baring the skin, a halter sun dress does deserve a spot in your summer closet. This style accentuates your waist and shoulders, and draws attention to your lovely face. It’s definitely a winner.
A jacket will add finesse: what do you need a jacket for in summers? To survive the air conditioning. So, might as well do that in style. Think of tailored blazers or a cropped jacket to compliment you summer dresses.
Patterns and Prints are a definite YES! experiment with prints. Whether you pick bright tropical prints or solid geometrical prints for your sun dresses, have fun with your wardrobe.
Wear it out at night: Who says you can wear sun dresses only when the sun is out? Enjoy a breezy night out in one of your pretty sun dresses and don’t forget to put on a pair of strappy heels—you’ll be set for the night!

Now that you’re familiar with the ‘how to’s of a sun dress, maybe it’s time to go out and get yourself some pretty sun dresses this summer. Add in some florals, some cutwork, bright colors, and different styles to your wardrobe for greater variety. You can always head to the nearest clothing stores in your city, or visit online stores to shop for stylish sun dresses. Thanks to online stores, you can now buy clothes from absolutely anywhere in the world, be it Middle East or Africa.