Best short sweet 16 dresses
Pulling off short sweet 16 dresses is a challenge in itself; and not everyone can do it. The way you carry it makes all the difference. Short dresses usually look better on short girls but there is no rule book stating that a tall girl can’t wear short sweet 16 dresses. That being said, it is also not an easy task. Knowing what suits you best needs a fine eye and observation. Here is our pro-guide to help you through:

1.     Know What Suits You the Best:
This will obviously come with a lot of experimentation and experience, but once you know what size, colors and styles suit you the best, you can rock just about any look. The right size really makes a difference. If you are a size 5-15 then short sweet 16 dresses will give your body a very youthful look. But as the number increases, you will have to play safe. Also, wearing colors that complement your skin tone is a must. While wearing contrasting tones, make sure you don’t pair up two absolute colors. The pairing should look complementary; for example short sweet 16 dresses in red-black contrast will look stunning.
2.     Perfect Hair and Make-up
The right hair-do and makeup makes a huge difference when it comes to the final look of a short sweet 16 dress. If you let down your hair with a high-necked short sweet 16 dress, it won’t look as beautiful as a soft bun. Your make up also plays a role in highlighting the dress. Never match the eye shadow with the color your dress and select the lip colors wisely. For instance, a nude lip color may not look so good with bold red, emerald green or royal blue short sweet 16 prom dresses, so you will have to play with a little bit of color with those. Hair and make-up should add a flare to your looks but not intimidate it. So be a bit careful here.
3.     Keep Your Height in Mind
Height is an important decisive factor in pulling off sweet 16 dresses in short length. Since your legs will be exposed, their tone and length matter a lot. Girls with short legs can pull off a short sweet 16 dress well and not necessarily look stubby. The ladies with longer legs and upper body may have to trick it with a style as short dress usually is the forte of short girls. To have a guide for the styles, browse online through the latest collections of Summer 2016 short sweet 16 dresses and see which looks you could pull off before you go for a shopping spree.

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