Sexy Summer Dresses

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Top Sexy Summer Dresses

With the summer in full swing, enthusiastic shoppers and stylists are ready to turn heads their way by buying sexy summer dresses for 2016. This year has seen many types of summer dresses which are fit to be worn on a casual day spent at the beach, or a summer wedding. All in all, there are various summer dresses to choose from depending on the occasion.

We have discussed here the most trending summer dresses in 2016. Whether you live in Houston, Long Beach, Baltimore, Toledo or Colorado, take some inspiration from us and be ready to accessorize accordingly!

sexy summer dresses

Casual Summer Dresses

Casual summer dresses with floral prints are all the rage in 2016. The base for the floral dress can be a variety of colors, ranging from conventional white to black, navy blue and pastel hues of green, pink and blue. Whether you are meeting a friend for tea or coffee, or going to spend a day at the beach, these sexy summer dresses give you a casual yet sleek look. Pack your stuff in a tote bag and you are all ready for your fun-filled day ahead.

Summer Dresses for Semi-Formal Occasions

Polka dots are never out of season, especially in summers. Ditch the traditional black and white polkas and garb yourself in hot-pink and white polka dots this summer. Tuck your feet in a pair of comfortable pumps, put on a hat and you are all set for a semi-formal occasion. Whether it is a day wedding at the beach or a birthday bash, this is your go to look for summer 2016! If you dress down a little, you can even pull off a casual look with a cute summer dress such as this.

Formal Summer Dresses

To wear sexy summer dresses at formal events, go for mixed fabrics that have a slightly embellished or lace bodice or neckline. You can even go for linen and cotton fabrics if you pair it with the right accessories and shoes. Wear a choker or long necklace according to your neckline and stilettos to add glam to your overall look.

If you live in the Middle East or Africa, you are going to see the sun for most of the year. This provides you with plenty of occasions to experiment and choose your style. But even if you live in Canada, United States, Russia, England, Sao Paulo or Ireland, you are sure to enjoy summer too!

For a casual day out, wear pumps or summer footwear such as sandals and wedges that bare your toes. For a day at the beach, opt for flip flops, but choose wedges to wear to a summer wedding.