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Best Red Formal Dresses

There’s nothing known as ‘too red’. If you’re wearing a formal red dress with a red lipstick, red shoes, and a red clutch—you’re most likely to pull off a great look (unless you commit a fashion blunder of course). Our red formal dresses are absolutely beautiful.

However, there are times when pairing red formal dresses with red accessories can come off as a bit too fiery for the occasion. These are times when you need to know what alternate options do you have to sport the flamboyant red evening dress you bought from a clothing store in San Jose (it could be anywhere in the United States.)

red formal dresses

When it comes to shoes, here’s what works best with red dresses for formal events.


Black is a classic and a winner with red dresses at formal events. You need to make sure that the shoe style matches the style of your dress (no flat pumps with a short red formal dress). Make is a point to see that you don’t opt for a pair of formal shoes.


White shoes are also worn with red dresses. It’s not entirely common but it works. What we suggest? Pair your white shoes with something white in the accessories—like a pair of pearl earrings.


If you wish to add elegance and sparkle to your formal look in a red dress, go for silver shoes. It makes for a striking partner for the dress, and works well for evenings.


Gold is sophisticated and looks absolutely spectacular with a pretty red dress for formal events. The two colors work wonders for galas, parties, and all things formal. Only thing you need to worry about is choosing the right shade. You don’t want the shoes to be too flashy for your dress.


Shades of nude can prove to be a perfect match for a gorgeous formal red dress. They make your dress stand out. Did we mention that nude heels make you look tall too? That’s definitely another plus, now isn’t it?


So how daring are you when it comes to fashion?  Contrasting colors are generally more challenging to carry those neutral, metallic, or same colored shoes. The trick here is to be able to select shoes that not just compliment your formal red dress, but also works for the occasion you’re wearing it to. There are a number of colors that contrast well with red: yellow, apple green, cobalt and navy blue – but yellow shoes wouldn’t work with formal red dresses at a fundraiser night.


Like we mentioned in the beginning, red shoes look great with a stunning red dress. However, it is imperative to make sure that your shoes are the exact same shade as your dress. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t work. So unless you have, or can buy a pair of red shoes in the same hue as your formal red dress, stick to an alternate option.

Now that you know what o wear with it, take out your red formal dresses and let your inner diva shine through wherever you go!