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Best Purple Bridesmaid Dresses
Deciding upon the bridesmaid dress is often a vexing process. You cannot overpower the dress of the bride yet be dressed enough to complement her properly and make for a picture perfect ‘bride with her bridesmaids’ combination. Light purple is one such color which is impactful enough for natural appeal yet tastefully understated enough to not overpower that of the bride’s.

Since the tradition of bridesmaids is a swiftly spreading one throughout the world from countries such as UK, Australia, US and Canada towards more traditional ones such as Asia, Middle East and Africa; it’s important to talk about bridesmaid dresses specifically. Read below to know which bridesmaids’ dresses is one of the best colors to opt for this wedding season.
The color has an inherent celebratory appeal
Purple, in many countries of the word, is held synonymous with celebration and royal disposition. As such, light purple bridesmaids dresses are most appropriate to uplift the spirit of the wedding reception. Moreover, since you are going for a lighter tone of the color, it will also cater to the factor of letting the bride stand out.
It lets the cut speak for itself
Whether it is a mermaid cut light purple dress for bridesmaids, or a two piece strapless or sleeveless light purple bridesmaid dress, the light purple color will let the cut and silhouette stand out on its own since it is such a subtle color that never disrupts with any of the other elements. Be it summer minimalistic bridesmaid dresses in light purple or winter light purple bridesmaid dresses which are voluminous enough to provide enough warmth, the cut of the dress will have maximum impact while the color will do its job simultaneously.

Bold colors often take attention away from the design and silhouette. With light purple, you won’t have this problem.
Accessorizing is easier
You won’t have to go bonkers over deciding upon how to accessorize your bridesmaids dress. Whether you prefer silver or golden accessories, or the ones in any of the bold colors like black, there are a number of options at your disposal. If you are going for short dresses for bridesmaids, you can accessorize more or vice versa for long and extra long floor sweeping dresses.

You can look into the already released winter 2016 collection of light purple bridesmaid dresses in stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Overstock, Dillards, Missesdressy and Promgirl. Alternatively, if the event is anytime in the next year, you can wait for the spring summer 2017 collection at all these same stores. As far as sizing is concerned, there is a vast variety of them starting from the smallest size 0 dresses for bridesmaids, extending towards the biggest ones above size 20 bridesmaid dresses.

Throughout the US in fashion department stores located in cities such as New York, Sacramento, Orlando, Los Angeles, Vegas and Chicago among others, you can conveniently find a wide variety of bridesmaids’ dresses in light purple.