Orange Prom Dresses

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Best Orange Prom Dresses Worldwide

An orange prom dress! For most girls this is a living horror contained in a single sentence or it may be the shortest horror stories for a fashionista, who believe in subtlety and subdued shades in prom dresses. But if you are not trying to look a wallflower and want to stand out and shine among the dozens of girls draped in boring pale pink prom dresses, gold prom dresses or dark-colored prom dresses in black and  navy blue, orange should be your go-to color this spring. It is one of the most celebrated colors of 2016-2017 runway trends for summer and spring collections.

If you think about it, orange has gotten a bad reputation for being garish and overly bright, when it has the capability to be sophisticated and edgy at the same time. Orange can help your orange prom dress become a simultaneous explosion of color, creativity and boldness, one that will be admired by your friends and every one inside the room. However, don’t choose the first orange prom dress that you eyes land upon. Such a bold choice requires a thoughtful course of action and decision making process.

Wearing orange on one of the biggest days of your life is n joke. It takes courage and an immense amount of boldness, which you probably have in spades if you are reading this article. However, just contemplating about it will not be enough. Read ahead and find out how you can rock any one of the orange prom dresses available in New York Dress, Seventeen and Lord & Taylor and look like an autumn princess, rather than….well an orange!

It’s Not Easy but It Can Work

Orange is not the easiest color to work with and no, we are not just talking about your orange prom dress, but also the eyeshade that will complement it and the accessories that will highlight your orange prom dress look even more amazing. It can be overpowering if worn on its own and can be overwhelming for the spectators. Try out different color combinations if you are thinking about donning an orange prom dress. Here are some of the most exclusive and better-looking color combinations that work exceptionally work with the orange shade.

  • Gray and orange prom dress
  • Black, red and orange prom dress
  • Nude brown and orange prom dress
  • White and orange prom dress
  • light blue and orange prom dress

Choose Your Accessories Carefully

When it comes to orange prom dresses, you should do everything carefully as it is no joke. Having such a punchy color as your main color can become a hazard when it comes to accessorizing. However, choosing deep red, wine red, gray, taupe and silver accessories can help you shine without looking like you escaped from a departmental store where you were housed for the last 15 years.

Orange Prom Dresses

Don’t Shy Away From Color

If you are working with orange this doesn’t mean that you should shy away from color. Try to pair it with a hot pink clutch or earrings in Tiffany blue or eggshell blue color. Your orange prom dress will not only look bold, colorful and stylish but it will be far from boring pale or nude prom dresses everyone else will be wearing at the prom, 2016. In addition to hot pink, other good choice for complimenting the orange prom dresses are accessories and jewelry in colors like apple green, magenta, burnt red, stone gray and deep purple.