The nightgown dress trend is a blast from the past and since it debuted this year on some of the most exclusive runways, it must have become your must-buy item. However, if you haven’t still made the decision to buy them yet, good call, because what you might remember from the 90’s may not apply anymore. Yes, they are inspired from the 90’s trend of wearing nightgown dresses, but this trend is being interpreted in a new light.

Nightgown dresses are being layered over t-shirts and worn under denim jackets. They are being accentuated with lace underlay and lingerie inspired cut offs. From taupe, off white to pastel shades like mint, pink and snow white, these dresses are available in all the major designer wear outlets such as Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Edressme, Missesdressy in sizes ranging from 2 to 13, while some brands are even offering them in plus sizes.

They can be knee-length and can comprise of a full skirt with a camisole top. However, if you are still waiting or rather hesitating to be part of this amazing trend, you have come to the right place, because we will teach you how you can rock this trend without being overly-provocative.
Sophisticated With Edge
Wearing nightgown dresses doesn’t mean that you can’t look sophisticated. It allows you to bring out your feminine side without being too edgy. The softer look and lighter fabrics provide a softened look. Kate Moss and Rihanna are the living embodiment of how a nightgown dress can help you become a fashion icon overnight. What was once a flimsy slip dress has now transformed into a nightgown dress, which skims your every curve and brings out your best features forward. It is a pinnacle of beauty and sensuality.
Be an All Out Orthodox
In order to rock this nightgown dress trend, be a little orthodox and don’t go wearing your camisole out in public on its own. Be conventional in your layering strategy and wear a draped men’s blazer on top of it or wear a wool coat on a flimsy and sexy nightgown dress in taupe. Either that or extend the neckline by wearing it with a shirt.

Summer Trend or Winter?
If you are confused whether to wear in winter or summer, when they are debuting left and right in every designer collection imaginable, take a tip from Kate Moss who like layering her sexy nightgown dresses with a turtleneck, a baggy sweater or a jacket with fur accents.

Take a Hint from The 90’s

When you are opting to celebrate a 90’s trend, why not take a hint from that era and rock the nightgown dress trend the 90’s way. Layer this boudoir-clothing staple with a long sleeved shirt or a traditional grungy tee for an aimless look.