Best Colors to Wear For Your Eye Color

The color of your prom dress depends on your personality, your preference, your skin tone and off course the color of your eyes. Many girls discount the importance of how important the eye color can be when you are choosing your prom dress. Having nice dresses to wear can be a privilege, especially on prom when everyone is ruining to the mall and looking for nice dresses to wear on prom day from brands like Saks Fifth Avenue, PromGirl, David’s Bridal and off course Seventeen.

As a girl you must be dreaming about your prom day for ages and therefore must have some semblance of imagination about how you want to look on your prom day. Whether you want to be draped in a Cinderella-worthy ball gown or a knee-length frock, choosing the designs not that hard since you have been dreaming about it forever! What’s really hard and complicated is the color of the dress. While gold and silver nice dresses might appeal to you, you will be attracted towards abandoning them in favor of pastel shades and nude nice dresses, which are all the rage nowadays.

However, if you want to have the spotlight on you and wear one of the sexiest and most attractive nice dresses in your life to your prom, think very seriously about considering and complimenting your eye color.

Blue Eyes
There was a reason why Victorian Era romances had sentences like, the blue in her dress really brought out her eyes. That not just a play on words, that is true and yes if you have blue eyes, nice dresses in light blue, dark blue and topaz blue will bring out your eyes. What shade you select will determine if you eyes look darker or lighter. Wear a lighter blue to make them seem lighter and darker shade like Navy blue for making them seem a darker shade. Also, look for pink, deep shades of warm brown and black for adding a dramatic touch.
Green Eyes
No matter what you wear, you are going to look stunning. However, nice dresses in shades like light pinks, burnt pink, dusty pinks, purple, plum and black will make your eyes go from sparkling green to rich to dramatic with each shade variation.
Blue/Green Eyes
Having two of the most amazing shades morphed into one is a blessing and you can try several shades in nice dresses to make your eyes pop. The charismatic effect of your eyes can be maximized by wearing nice dresses in shades like blue, turquoise, royal blue, a green shade from mint or forest green or gold to bring out the gold flecks in your eyes.
Brown Eyes
Girls are mostly blessed with this common eye color. However, their commonality doesn’t make them less attractive. If your eye color falls in the spectrum of light brown to hazel shade, choose nice dresses in shades like peach, pumpkin yellow, orange, rust, tomato red, burgundy, olive green, moss green. In addition, to bring out the warmth in your eyes try nice dresses in brown shades like khaki, cinnamon and coffee brown. If your eyes are a darker shade of brown, you are one of the luckiest people on earth because you can wear almost any color and look amazing, as each color will help make your eyes take the center stage. If you want an ethereal look, go for nice dresses in white, ivory, cream, beige, taupe, gold, coffee brown and black. You can also opt from jewel tones like red, sapphire blue, deep teal, emerald and forest green.