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Best long wedding guest dresses
Terani is known for having the best long wedding guest dresses in the world. Dressing to impress has a lot more to do with how you wear a dress than what dress you wear. While it’s understandable that gauchely fit attire will not be able to steal any limelight, no matter how good you accessorize or make yourself up; wearing the right kind of dress and more importantly, the right way will warrant you a good number of head turns at any event. The same holds true for weddings. Long wedding guest dresses can make you look even more beautiful.

Finding the right dress no longer remains an issue nowadays as a number of stores such as Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Missesdressy, and New York Dress in a number of cities throughout US like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, and Georgia offer a wide range of dresses you can choose from. When there is such a huge variety even for long wedding guest dresses, what you really need next is the clear-headedness as to what you want and how you wish to dress up for the wedding.

Unless it’s clearly stated that it’s a cocktail themed wedding, long wedding dresses are the way to go. Read below for pro-tips regarding nailing your long wedding guest dress.
Refrain from white
There’s the good kind of head-turner look and then there’s the rude kind of head-turner look. Latter is given to those who are inconsiderate enough to wear white at someone else’s wedding. While we truly want you to be the center of attention, but etiquettes dictate that it should not be more than the bride herself. The ultimate center of attention and winner of the limelight has to be the bride at all costs, which is why you should cross white off the list of color options you made for yourself.

There is a huge color spectrum to choose from. You can go for bolder ones such as crimson or coral long wedding guest dress or the natural ones such as pastel green or blue wedding guest dresses. Remember: Anything but white!

Keep the time of the day in mind
The timing of the day is crucial in deciding how you will end up looking. There’s quite a lot of difference between attires meant for day weddings and those for night weddings. For instance, the sparkly mermaid long wedding guest dress that you wear to a night wedding in an enclosed venue is certainly not fit for a beach wedding. On the other hand, a semi-formal to casual two piece long dress for wedding guest meant for a daytime open wedding will certainly look off in a formal night venue.

The crux of the matter is to dress for the time of the day. There are certain looks and colors that are best complemented with the time of the day you wear them, more than anything else.
Sparkle with accessories
Rather than wearing an overtly sparkling or shimmering dress, what’s better is to add that much desired wedding sparkle by means of accessories. Weddings are those few occasions where you have the flexibility to go a bit overboard with accessories, in a tasteful and aesthetic manner of course. Add bits of glamour and shine with pearl choker necklace or a chunky bracelet along with your signature wristwatch. Moreover, you can also finally take those long dangling pearl earrings out of the depths of your jewelry box and complement them with your long wedding guest dress. This is an indirect, yet quite an effective way for adding the typical glam factor to your attire.

Wedding dresses come in a number of sizes and styles from size zero sleeveless long dresses for wedding guest to plus size off-shoulder long dress for wedding guest. You may be living in any part of the world from Africa to Asia, Middle East to Europe, or America to Australia, but these basic rules of dressing to impress can very easily be emulated in accordance with the local dressing norms and culture. Choose from our long wedding guest dresses you won’t be disappointed!