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Having to make a choice between long sweet 16 dresses or short baby-doll dresses is particularly a difficult one. One has the power to give a very classy and chic look, while other makes your appearance adorable and youthful. Both have their plus points but in this particular vote, we hands down go with long sweet 16 dresses. Here is why:
Because Classy Is Always Better than Adorable
Adorable look may have its appeal, but class is evergreen. The personified look you can achieve with glamorous long sweet 16 dresses is unbeatable. It adds glam as well as seductiveness, both at the same time.

Because It Goes Well With All Body Types
Whether you are a size 10 or size 20, long sweet 16 dresses will accommodate to your body type just as equally. Long sweet 16 dresses in chiffon can look well on a plus size figure, while satin can accentuate the features of an ample body. The length of the dress is actually is advantage because girls with short height can also pull off a long dress with a nice pair of heels. It’s said that “Give a girl a pair of new shoes and she can conquer the world”, so why not pull off a long dress look with it?

Because There Is More Room to Experiment
You have more options to try while styling a long dress as compared to a baby-doll dress. You can try having a sideways slit along the length of the leg in a long sweet 16 dress or experiment bold colors to suit your skin tone. Long sweet 16 dresses in peach, soft pink, sky blue and olive green are trending in summer 2016 collections.
Because Long Sweet 16 Dresses are an Investment
Once you buy a sweet 16 dress with long length, you can wear it to multiple occasions. It can be reused and restyled for many other social gatherings. If you have a communal dinner or a formal gathering anytime after your prom, you can put your creative aesthetics to good use and restyle the good old long dress. The transformation can change your whole look.
Because, Why Not?
With so many perks in its favor, how can long sweet 16 dresses not be ruled in favor of over baby-doll dresses? They can be worn to many occasions and styled according to your personal taste with more comfort and ease. The glam looks to choose from are innumerable in long sweet 16 dresses. Seventeen and Edressme are showcasing amazing collections as well. The online collection available is quite exotic as well and you can have long sweet 16 dresses delivered in cities like Las Vegas, Miami, Portland, etc. or different regions too, which include, Australia, Middle East, Asia, etc. everything is just a click away.

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