Best Long Sleeve Evening Dresses
Wearing and styling a long sleeve evening dresses often comes off as a challenge to many because of the fact that they are almost always talked about in terms of either sleeveless or strapless category. It is comparatively rare for evening dresses to come in long or full sleeves, which is why not a lot has been said about how you may style them and look equally chic as you would in any of the bold off shoulder or plunging evening dresses.

As the trend of evening dresses moves towards different parts of the world  such as Asia, Middle East and UAE which are relatively conservative in terms of culture, you witness that more modest categories of evening dresses are introduced here, of which the long sleeve evening dress is also a part. Having said that, it is still quite likely that people belonging to more open cultures such as in US, UK, Canada and Australia might also opt to wear such dresses because of greater cross-cultural movement now.

Therefore, it is important to outline some ways as to how you can look equally chic in an evening long sleeve dress as you would in any other type. If you are thinking of buying one from any of the department stores that include Saks Fifth Avenue, New York Dress, Nordstrom, and Missesdressy among others, read the following so that you make the right choice and style it accordingly.
Avoid voluminous cuts
The number one rule of wearing a long evening dress the right way is to keep the silhouette body conscious/tight. If you choose lose fit or overly voluminous long sleeve evening dress, the sleeves will seem to blend with the rest of the dress, not making any impact. While your arms are already covered, it is important that the cut of your evening dress is fitted and minimalistic. If you totally adore flared dresses, make sure that only the lower half is flared; not the upper half/torso. For reference, you can look at how Julianne Moore wore a sparkly electric blue long sleeve dress at the Golden Globes this year. The silhouette of her dress was simple and body conscious while the sleeves stood out. At the same event, Bryce Dallas also rocked a three quarter sleeve blue lace evening dress in a simple cut with a belt at the waist.

Also, it is advisable that while you are opting for a dress that is this covered, you choose darker colors to make you look slender since dark colors give an illusion of thinness and elongation. Shades such as deep crimson, forest green, midnight blue or blackest black are a fitting choice for long sleeve dresses. Our long sleeve evening dresses are the best in the world.
Accessorize minimally
When you are wearing a long evening dress that is sufficiently covered, the addition of too many accessories only makes the attire look stuffed or crammed with unnecessary elements. An elegant pair of pearl earrings or a single chain bracelet will be just enough to complement such a look. Better yet, go for a single ‘stand-out’ accessory and don your signature chain watch. The seasonal trends of 2016/2017 long evening dresses also suggest minimalism in accessorizing whether it is an open-back summer long dress or a boat neck winter long evening dress.

Hit the shopping districts of your respective cities; be it New York, Denver, Orlando, Miami, Fort Worth, Nashville or any other, and purchase the right evening long dresses now.