Best Long Formal Dresses 2017-2018

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Best Long Formal Dresses

The UK is known for its traditional culture and strict attachment to age old norms. The sophisticated English dressing and polite mannerism are identifying markers of the rich traditions. Even today, with advancement of the world and changed lifestyles, there are many events in the UK that require strict adherence to formal and normative dressing.

Gala Dinners

Gala Dinners are centuries old traditions that the guests are expected to attend in formal dresses in the UK. Men mostly attend in tuxedos or suits and women usually follow the code of long formal dresses. Long formal dresses in New York, Houston, and Boston at gala dinners are also a common sight just as short formal dresses are in UK, Russia, Quebec, Ireland, United States and various other countries in semi formal gatherings.

Home Comings

Long formal dresses or short formal dresses in the UK, both are equally frequently worn in homecomings. This event requires formal dressing due to the gathering of seniors and juniors together in formal environment of an educational institute. The Alumni is welcomed back and a number of activities follow throughout the event. The short dresses as well as the long ones are usually kept elegant and not so flamboyant.


A number of small and large award ceremonies are held in the UK. There is a culture of wearing both long formal dresses and short formal dresses in the UK at award nights. The men generally follow the black tie dress code; the women however experiment and flaunt many looks. Ladies are often seen wearing attractive short formal dresses in the UK with sizes between 0 to 10 , while the ones with heavier figures usually wear a long formal ensemble. A large number of female guests follow the seasonal collection; for instance they will sport the summer collection 2016 formal dresses from designers in the UK, or any other international designer for that matter.

Debutant Balls

The culture of debutant balls is still alive in many parts of the UK. The debutants are paired with their escorts and both usually have a synchronized dressing style. Debutant balls have a norm of debutants wearing long formal dresses in the UK. So the dresses are long evening gowns, with the accessories and corsage matching the dress.

long formal dresses


Weddings in the UK, just as in other countries, do not have a set norm regarding the length of the formal dresses to be worn. It is left entirely on your personal choice. The bride and bridesmaids collectively decide their dresses; the rest of the guests, however, are not necessarily required to follow the wedding theme. They can wear short or long formal dresses however they please.

The formal events are usually similar in the West unless there is a significant cultural difference. This is a very general picture of the way dressing protocol is followed in formal events in the UK.