Best Lilac Bridesmaid Dresses
Lilac is one of the beautifully impactful yet minimalist colors that can absolutely stand on their own. You can look at how Heidi Klum rocked a princess gown at the Oscars this year with no visible accessories and minimal makeup and hairdo. When bridesmaids are going head over heels in the wedding preparations for their best friend, it is only sensible that such color be chosen for their own dresses that make them look instantly made up without spending a lot of time on getting ready. This is the reason why we think that Lilac Bridesmaid dresses should be the number one choice for prospective dresses.

Go through the following options for rocking a lilac bridesmaid dress in all its glory, based on the cut you choose.

Create a waterfall impact with gradient
If you cannot get enough of this color and want at least two or three shades of it in your dress, you can create a horizontal gradient of lilac. The waterfall impact will be given if you choose either a mermaid cut lilac bridesmaid dress or any other loose lilac bridesmaid dresses that have sufficient fall in them. To give fall into the dress, you can choose any of the heaver fabric. Going for a lilac bridesmaid dress in georgette or heavy silk will be the right choice to create a combination of waterfall with gradient.

Moreover, whichever type of design you choose based on your region such as Asia, Africa, South America or Russia, you can bring in your own variation into the said waterfall inspired design. The only condition is that it should be loose cut lilac dress to have it create the desired impact.
Go for Disney Princess theme
If you want the event to look all heavenly with princesses roaming about the kingdom, you can go for Disney inspired cuts for your dresses. While the color is just the right one for the theme, you can play around with silhouettes such as beautifully flared and ruffled lilac bridesmaid dresses. You can also go for sparkly bridesmaid dresses because Disney ball gowns are often signified by sparkles and glitters.

For such theme based dresses, make sure to keep checking out collections of bridesmaid dresses by major department stress such as Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Missesdressy, David’s Bridal and Seventeen. Be on the lookout for the latest fall 2016 bridesmaid dresses or the upcoming spring 2017.
Go minimalist
Another easy and fuss free option you can go for is minimalistic lilac bridesmaid dress.  This could include cuts like strapless or sleeveless tube dress for bridesmaids in lilac or a sexy short lilac bridesmaid dress in chiffon or lace. Minimalistic designs are easily available throughout the US, at all the departmental stores and manufacturers, whether you live in New York or Los Angeles, Miami or Vegas, Chicago or Savannah.

Options are endless when it comes to these dresses and all you have to do is tap into your personal taste and coordinate with the fellow bridesmaids to decide what suits you the best. Happy bridesmaids shopping!!