Best Light Pink Sweet 16 Dresses
At your sweet 16 bash, you need to be dressed to impress. Make sure all the eyes that look at you have to stop for a moment and take note of the girl who is having her big day. Girls prefer lighter color tones for their sweet 16 dresses. One of the most popular ones includes light pink sweet 16 dresses. Despite the fact that they are stunning spectacles when you wear them, after you take them of it is of as much importance if not more that you take adequate care of the dress.

Here is a guide on how to take care of your iconic light pink sweet 16 dresses that can serve as your big day dress for months to come and is likely to be a lasting memory that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life.

Dealing with Wrinkles on the Dress
Wrinkles are a sign that the dress has been worn or can be a result of a lack of ironing. The easiest way to go about it is to have your dress professionally pressed or steamed. If that appears expensive to you, you can also use cool dry iron to press the clothes at home. However when you press it, make sure you use a pieces of white cloth over the dress as you press it to make sure your ironing doesn’t damage the dress.

As you sit, make sure your move as much of the dress to the side so that you sit on as little of it as possible saving a sizeable portion from getting wrinkled up. When you are wearing the dress, make sure that you give the dress plenty of space with nothing touching it to make sure that it doesn’t wrinkle or catch color or stains.
Getting the Dress Dry Cleaned
Dry cleaning of a dress can increase the life of a dress. It is important that cleaning of the dress is handled with care since your light pink sweet 16 dresses are not the run of the mill dresses; they need to have special attention and care granted to them. A professional dry cleaner will be able to clean your dress with relative ease and perfection. Some of the benefits of getting your dress properly cleaned are:

Protection from color fading
Extending the life of a fabric
Keeping your dress fresh and usable for a longer time

Prevention is better than cure
Making sure your dress is protected from stains, unwanted odor and other dirt and dust is better than getting it cleaned time and again. The longer you can keep your light pink sweet 16 dresses away from dry cleaners the better.

If you live in America— whether its South America, Alberta, Winnipeg, Edmonton, British Columbia, Toronto or Quebec, or Phoenix, Baltimore, Boston, Newark, Houston or Toledo— your choice for the sweet 16 dress needs be a light pink one which brings out the true colors of beauty in you and makes you look like a fairy in all its glory.