Best Light Blue Sweet 16 Dresses

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Terani is known for having the best light blue sweet 16 dresses in the world.

You turn sixteen only once, so you should definitely celebrate your sweet 16 with a bang! Just don’t forget one important thing amidst the party arrangements – your special sweet 16 dress. Since it’s your big day, you would surely want to look like a sweet 16 princess!

So what’s that one style which will make you stand out from the crowd by making a fashion statement on your special day? Well, you have countless options to choose from; from cute and short light blue sweet 16 dresses to sassy blue floor length gowns or something in between! But whichever dress you choose, make sure that your dress speaks for you. It’s your day and you are no less than a celebrity at this moment!

light blue sweet 16 dresses

So let’s look at some of the lengths that you can consider for buying your favorite blue colored dress!

1.      Short dresses above the knees

Let’s begin with a dress length that seems just perfect for a sweet 16 girl – a short length dress that is few inches above the knee. This is something that looks equally sexy and cute if carried the right way. It’s not that young girls don’t look good in longer dresses but wearing something shorter brings a touch of youthfulness to the overall persona, whereas longer dresses add more class and maturity to the personality of the wearer. But if you need recommendations then we would suggest you to go for an aqua blue strapless short dress or an ice blue baby doll dress for your party.

2.      Long sweet 16 dresses

Although we have mentioned above that short light blue sweet 16 dresses bring vibrancy to your look, but we cannot deny the fact that nothing can beat the classy appeal of a long dress. After all, who said you can’t look a bit mature on your 16th birthday? Of course you can! It’s all about dressing according to your personality. Just try not to go for something too sexy or revealing. Since you have just turned 16, don’t wear something that makes you look like a 25 year old sexy lady, rather than a bubbly sweet 16 girl. However, you always have the option to go for some elegant long dresses with different shades of blue like a sky blue mermaid dress with sleeves or a turquoise ball gown with a puffy hemline; that will make you look no less than a Disney princess. Who doesn’t want to dress up like Cinderella or Elsa on their 16th birthday, after all?

3.      Tea length is the one in between!

If you don’t want to go for short or long dresses then there’s something in the middle as well, a tea length dress! You can opt for a royal blue tea length sweet 16 dress, a few inches below the knees. While a dark blue one shoulder dress fitting your figure perfectly will also be a good choice for your 2017’s sweet 16 birthday party. Just remember to dress according to your age, looking cute, sexy and glamorous, all at the same time.

Are you someone with a small, medium or extra-large dress size? No worries! There are tons of department stores across the USA that house large collections of not only light blue sweet 16 dresses but many other colors and styles as well, such as PromGirl, Dillard’s, MissesDressy, Lord & Taylor, Edressme and Seventeen to name a few. You can also avail the shipping services of these stores in any of the major cities whether you live in Irvine , Boston, Denver, Honolulu or Fort Worth.