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Best simple homecoming dresses
You obviously want to look your best at the homecoming. Don’t you? You want to pull off a spectacular look —and a little bit of making heads turn and bagging compliments is on the agenda too. But before you go about making that happen, what you need is the perfect homecoming dress.

The idea of the perfect look may vary from person to person, but there are simple homecoming dresses that work for everyone. Here are five fantastic reasons why you should buy a simple homecoming dress for this season.

It is All about You
When you don a beautiful simple dress for homecoming, it is you who shines through. With the dress not taking all the limelight away, people get to focus more on your face, your features, and your form. The poise you carry yourself with, the way you interact, the makeup, and accessories that compliment the dress, everything becomes the highlight of your overall look. The heads that turn then are no longer just because of the dress.
It is More Affordable
Normally, dresses that boast elaborate embellishments or unique cuts tend to cost more than the simple ones. Simple homecoming dresses are available in an array of colors—the conventional black, blues, reds, and white; and the less traditional turquoise, blush, coral, and even wine. Plus, you can find short simple homecoming dresses, long ones, and tea lengths too. So basically, you get everything for far less!
Lower Risk of a Fashion Disaster
At times, you go out and purchase an expensive gown complete with encrusted jewels  and one-of-a-kind cuts, but they don’t necessarily work. With fancy dresses, it is easy to walk yourself into committing fashion blunders. You definitely don’t want that! Simple homecoming dresses may not be as sparkly as others but they are elegant and charming; and they rarely end up looking cheap!
The Freedom
Buy a simple homecoming dress and you have the liberty to create almost any type of look you want. You can add flair to it with a statement necklace or compliment it with a pair of sparkling drop earrings. Do your hair into an elaborate, chic hairstyle, or simply rock those strappy high heels you just bought. There is so much that you can do to style yourself just the way you want in a homecoming dress that’s simple.
Not Just for Homecoming
This one’s our favorite! Most girls do not wear their homecoming dress once they’re done with the event. It’s mostly because their dresses are too fancy to be worn to other events. Keeping the homecoming dress simple allows you to wear it again and again at other occasions. You can wear it to a wedding, or attend your elder sibling’s graduation in it without looking overdressed.

Are you convinced yet? If not, visit clothing stores nearest to you and try on some gorgeous simple homecoming dresses to see what we mean. There are a number of stores selling an extensive range of affordable simple homecoming dresses in New York, San Francisco, Austin, and other major cities. You can also find simple homecoming dresses online.