Homecoming Is right around the corner and while you have the urge to flaunt the belle that you’ve become following the school years; you wish to experience and taste the innocence of school days as well represented by dressing up modestly. Fret not; as there are ample ways you can look on top of your style game yet modest in your homecoming dress.

Go through the following tips on how you can dress modestly yet look stylish for homecoming:

A modest homecoming dress doesn’t necessarily have to be covered entirely. You can play around with elements very smartly. For example, if you have chosen a strapless mermaid homecoming dress, coupling it with a faux fur shrug to put on your shoulders will give your attire a vintage appeal. In summers when it’s virtually impossible to don furs or any other similar element, you can opt for lace and net uppers and boleros to make your homecoming dress aptly modest.

Moreover, keeping in tune with the season, you can go for a tight full sleeve modest dress as your homecoming attire. The design will not only tick the ‘modesty check-box’, but will also have you right on trend with some of the celebrities at Oscars and Golden Globes (remember Julianne Moore’s full sleeve sufficiently covered attire?).

While you are trying not to compromise on your modesty standard to look fashionable, you can experiment with fabric options. For example, wearing a fully covered sparkly purple or sequined deep green modest homecoming dress to add the much desired fashion-forward appeal. Fabric and colors play a monumental role in deciding how more or less fashionable you look; so you’re not as helpless with cuts as it initially seems to be. By making smart choices regarding the colors such as electric shades of blue, purple or green and fabrics such as sparkly and shiny ones, you can still stand out without letting go off your modesty.

Whether you live in New York, LA, Vegas, Minneapolis, Arlington, Honolulu or any other part of the US, you will surely find some major department store near you to help you purchase your modest homecoming dress easily. Some of the top notch ones, present in almost all the commercial and fashion hubs of the US are Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor, and New York dress among others. Visit these and other such stores to find the right fit as well as the right size ranging from size 0 homecoming dresses, to size 20 and above in modest homecoming dresses. Also, keep yourself updated regarding the homecoming trends by checking on the fall 2016 and spring 2017 homecoming dress trend forecast.

As you go around the world from more open countries where homecoming started off from such as US and Canada towards more conservative countries where the tradition has seeped such as Middle East, UAE and Asia, you will see people experimenting with fabric and color quite a lot in order to maintain the minimum level of modesty according to the local standards and connotations.