Best Dresses For Homecoming 2017-2018

Watching the Golden Globes and drooling over the celebrities’ amazing outfits, we all have recreated an image of ourselves dressed just like them and making a fabulous jaw-dropping entry. If you find yourself nodding at this, then what do you have to say about the idea of actually making that dream come true on your homecoming? You can turn simple dresses for homecoming into gorgeous Hollywood inspired  looks with some imagination and creativity. Here we are suggesting a few of the most admired Golden Globe dresses that you can recreate for yourself.
Salma Hayek, 2003
Salma Hayek made heads turn with her sensual look in a simple, yet elegant, deep red evening gown. If you have an hour glass figure and want to accentuate your curves, then grab a deep red, royal blue or black size 6, 7, 8 or above dress for homecoming and look like a celebrity. Pair this dress with dull gold accessories and you will make heads turn just like Hayek.

Sarah Jessica Parker, 2003
The ‘Sex and the City’ star, Sarah Jessica Parker who played the role of Carrie Bradshaw, is known for her flamboyant and on-the-edge styling. It takes a lot of courage to pull off looks that others would not risk at events like the Golden Globes. You can rack through beautiful dresses for homecoming in summer and fall collections of 2016 to find a stone grey short low beaded dress with an embellished hem and plain bodice. If you are looking for classy homecoming dresses in USA, then have a look at the collections in cities like NewYork, Portland, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas and Las Vegas to find breathtakingly gorgeous homecoming dresses. If you are opting for a grey dress, wear a deep sea green pair of velvet corseted pumps to compliment the allure of grey.
Kate Winslet, 2009
Elegant as usual, Kate Winslet looked herself in a long, black ensemble with a low tussled bow around the waist. You can find a halter evening gown that is accessorized with a plain silk bow and a tussle to achieve this look. Pin up your hair in a bun with a curved front parting, and you are all set to rock this chic look.
Anne Hathaway, 2009
Mesmerizing in midnight blue, Anna Hathaway surely looked like a queen of elegance in the strapless, halter gown. Her fair skin complimented the deep color, while her studded earrings perfected the look. When you are looking for sexy dresses for homecoming, find a deep blue, embellished, low bodice dress with a tulle skirt to adopt this oceanic look. Select a sleek hairstyle, give a touch of red to your lips and put on a pair of sapphire earrings to stand out from the crowd.

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