Best Green Prom Dresses
Green prom dresses are not limited to any specific style; instead you can opt for anything from a knee-length dress and a floor length gown to a cocktail two piece dress with sleeves. Just choose whatever suits your fancy!

As far as the colors are concerned, green prom dresses have been trending for quite a while now. Green being the all-time favorite color has evolved into numerous shades. Just as the dark green prom dresses will make you stand out, the subtle mint green prom dresses also adds a touch of class to your persona.

Confused where to start from? Here are the 4 basic steps to carry your green prom dress in style!
Step # 1: Consider your body type
First and foremost, consider your body type before choosing your prom dress. If you are someone with a bigger size body or medium to extra-large dress size, than try to avoid prom dresses with straps, very thin straps to be precise. Such straps will make your shoulders look bulky and you wouldn’t like them popping out of the dress, would you? You can go for either a complete strapless look or even a high neck look. In case you need some suggestions, we recommend a lime green prom dress with silver sparkles on it. Ah… You can thank us later!
Step # 2: Choose the dress style and color
Just as we mentioned about the sparkles in the first step, it is okay to go for a sparkly prom dress but make sure you don’t go over the top with it! If you think you would be able to balance the glam and glitter in your prom dress in just the right proportion, then you are good to go Madame! First of all decide what style you want to opt for your prom dress. Follow that with a self-analysis; whether a sleeveless prom dress will suit you more or an off-shoulder mermaid prom dress with a deep V-neck will make you look more stunning? As far as the color selection is concerned, since we are talking about green prom dresses, you have a plethora of green shades to choose from. But we suggest going with a shamrock, forest green or sea green prom dress if you want something different than a dark green prom dress.
Step # 3: Determine the length
Once you are done with finalizing the style and dress cuts that you want in your dress for the 2016’s prom night, it’s time to decide the length! There are no specifications for the length of prom dresses, so you can choose something like a long ball gown or a short sequined prom dress. Just like the styles, you need to carefully balance the length as well. When going for short prom dresses, try not to go for something shorter than mid-thigh, whereas for long prom dresses, try not to make your dress a floor mat for people to step on.
Step # 4: Pick the right jewelry and footwear
No matter whether the prom dresses are from UK, Australia, Russia or New Zealand, they will remain incomplete without suitable jewelry and shoes. Let your dress speak for itself and try not to overshadow its splendor with unnecessary jewelry. Wear minimal jewelry and always remember that less is more! While for the shoes, stilettos are the must have!

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